How To Apply for a Diplomatic Passport In Cote Divoire

How To Apply for a Diplomatic Passport In Cote Divoire

1.Applicants must first find out the steps required to get a diplomatic passport of Cote d’Ivoire. Those in the country can obtain information from the Ministry of foreign affair (Ministere Des Affaires Etrangeres ) and those abroad may obtain the same from any diplomatic office of Cote dIvoire in any foreign country a list of these diplomatic offices can be viewed at or at

How To Apply for a Diplomatic Passport In Cote Divoire
How To Apply for a Diplomatic Passport In Cote Divoire


2.When the above information is gathered, the applicant must determine if they are eligible for obtaining a passport.

3.If they find that he/she is qualified, he/she may submit an application for admission to foreign ministry.

4.Which after evaluating and finding that the passport is required, issues it to the person who is applying;

Documents that are required Diplomatic Passport

1.Ordinary passport

2.Identification Documents (identity card, work/residence permit)

3.Copy the birth certificate

4.Passport photos

5.Appointment letter to work in another country

6.Approval letter/recommendation from the government

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministere D’etat, Ministere Des Affaires Etrangeres

Bloc Ministriel Boulevard Angoulvant, Abidjan


BP V109

Telephone: (+225) 20 32 08 88



Cote diplomatic representations of dIvoire in foreign countries are looked up at, or at

What Are All The Eligibility

Consulates and Diplomats who have been appointed of Cte d’Ivoire and their dependants (children or spouses or spouse, if there is one)


Free of charge , issued by the government.


Valid for 5 years.

Documents to Utilize

Formula for application to Passport

Processing Time

It takes about 3 months to complete the process.


1.Applicant must prove that they are legitimate citizens of the nation;

2.Applicants should be aware that diplomatic passports can only be granted from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministere Des Affaires Etrangeres) in the country.

3.Embassies consulates / consulates / high commissions are not authorized to issue diplomatic passports, and aren’t allowed to renew or extend the validity of their passports;

4.Ensure that you have the proof of appointment since it is required to getting the passport.

5.Do not send false documents;

Requirements Information

1.Full names and addresses of the the applicant

2.Category within which the applicant is


4.Date of Birth


6.Place of Birth

7.Details of the work to be carried out in the foreign country

8.Details of the foreign country in which work will be conducted

9.Start date

10.Duration of work

Need to have the Document

  • A passport issued in Cte d’Ivoire is legal document that permits people of Cte d’Ivoire to travel abroad. The diplomatic passport issued in the country is given to consuls and diplomats for travel related to work. It is also given to the dependents of these employees, for example spouses and children as well as other.
  • The diplomatic passports of Cte d’Ivoire are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministere Des Affaires Etrangeres)

Information that can be useful

It is important to know that holding the passport does not guarantee access to a country outside of the United States and the person who holds a passport must satisfy the conditions of immigration regulations of a foreign country before he/she can be admitted.

Other uses for the document/certificate

1.Passports are able to be used as identification documents

2.It is a proof of nationality for the holder

3.The diplomatic passport permits holders to travel around the world as they represent or work for the country.

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