How to Apply for a Labour Inspectorate Certificate In Ivory Coast

Apply for a Labour Inspectorate Certificate In Ivory Coast By Yourself

  • The business’s owner or the representative of the company can ask for a labour check by going to the department of labour and social protection department’s labor office.
  • Contact the customer service desk to indicate your interest. Then, take the request form, go through it attentively and complete it in precisely.
  • Complete the form and submit it along with any supporting document (listed below) for processing and verification.
  • Make the necessary application fee at the cash desk at which point you will receive an invoice.
  • The labor office will arrange an appointment date and time to examine the company. You will be informed either via email, phone, or by personal visit.
  • At the scheduled day and time, an examination is conducted by the labor inspector. an evaluation of the issues that concerns for the employees and business will be recorded and an exact copy of the findings will be given to the applicant, along with suggestions during inspections on how to correct the issue.
  • A follow-up inspection will be conducted for the company or business to determine whether the problem(s) was resolved.
  • If the authorized has the confidence that all conditions are met, you will be informed and issued with the labor inspectorate certificate.

Required Documents For Apply for a Labour Inspectorate Certificate

  • Commercial register and account for taxpayers
  • Valid Identification document
  • Other documents that might be required from the minister.

Office Locations and Contacts

MINISTRY OF EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL PROTECTIONAddress: Tower A, 10th Floor – Plateau Abidjan – Ivory Coast
Telefon (+225) 20322683/20223924


  • Any company or business with employees who are located in Ivory Coast can apply.


Application fee of 25,000 FCFA

Processing Time

If all conditions have been fulfilled, the process of obtaining a certificate is completed within two days following the submission in the form of an application.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the person who is applying
  • Name of the company or business
  • Telephone number, physical address of the company
  • Address of the applicant’s address
  • Address of the post office, telephone number or address of the person applying
  • State Concern concerns

The Document is required

  • It is mandated by law for all companies and businesses that employ employees to be examined to ensure that they are in compliance with the labor regulations that apply to Ivory Coast.

Information that could be helpful

  • Apart from the process of assessing compliance, labor inspections give businesses an opportunity to understand more about the laws governing labour. Inspectors are able to offer assistance to businesses to improve working conditions in the entire country.



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