How To Apply for a Learner Permit In American Samoa

How To Apply for a Learner Permit In American Samoa

Request a permit to learner

  1. Apply for a job.
  2. You must be able to pass the tests regarding the traffic laws and traffic signs in American Samoa, and must take a vision test that requires the minimum vision acuity of 20/40.
  3. Pay the license fee required.

Learning to drive

When learning to drive a motor vehicle on public roads, you should always carry your learner’s permit on you, and be accompanied by a qualified licensed driver who is in the front.

Provisory Driver’s License

Anyone regardless of prior experiences in driving, but who fails to be eligible for a private driver’s license, is licensed to operate a vehicle on American Samoa as a provisional driver. However, no provisional drivers license will be issued to anyone in the event that he

  • is 18 years old or older;
  • has passed the tests designed in order to assess his driving skills and understanding of the rules of this title.
  • is in full payment of all driver’s license fees and
  • Has otherwise met the applicable requirements of the title.

Documents Required Apply for a Learner Permit

  • Anyone applying for a learners permit must show evidence of age and identity like a birth certificate or passport.
  • The guardian or parent of all learners who are under 18 years of age must:
    • give written permission for written consent to Office of Motor Vehicles before the issuance of a learners’ permit submit written consent to the Office of Motor Vehicles prior to issuance of a learners permit
    • Be financially responsible all the time for the use of the vehicle operated by the student.

Office Locations and Contacts

Office of Highway SafetyDepartment of Public Safety
The Government of American Samoa
P.O. Box 1086
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 USA
Phone: (684) 633-1111
Fax: (684) 633-7296
Email Address:

Office of Motor Vehicles
Department of Public Safety
The government of American Samoa
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 USA
Telephone: (684) 699-9199 or 9188
Fax: (684) 699-4224

What Are All The Eligibility

To be eligible for a permit to learn, you must be at least 18 years old. older. Those who are older than 16 are eligible if participating in a driver education program.


Costs for Driver’s Licences

  • 3-year motor vehicle Private driver license: $12.00
  • 6-month learners’ permit: $5.00
  • Visitor permit: $9.00
  • Provisional driver license: $9.00
  • Commercial driver license: $8.00
  • Renewal of the Private driver’s license: $12.00
  • Renewal of the Commercial driver’s license: $8.00
  • Duplicate Provisional driver license: $6.00
  • Duplicate Private driver license: $6.00
  • Duplicate Commercial driver license: $6.00


A permit for learners is valid for six months.


There are two types of drivers licenses by American Samoa: a provisional drivers license and a private driver’s license.

A learners permit can be considered an official driver’s license with the intention of authorizing an individual to operate a motorized automobile on American Samoa.

The Document is required Apply for a Learner Permit

Driving licenses are an official document that states that one is able to drive an automobile for example, a motorbike or car, truck or bus on public roads.

You cannot operate a automobile in American Samoa without a valid driver’s license that is issued by the commissioner of Public Safety in American Samoa.

Information that could be helpful

Your Driver’s License

The drivers license that is issued is a proof of the type or type of vehicle the licensee is able to use, and the license should include a unique number that is assigned to the licensee, his full name, birth date as well as the address of residence and an elaborative description and photo of the licensee and either a facsimile or copy of their signature, or an area where the licensee is required to sign his signature using pen and ink after receiving the license, as well as any other details as are deemed required by the Commissioner.

You must carry a driver’s license , or learners’ pass in presence at all times you operate in a motor vehicle. You must present it on the request by a police officer.

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How To Apply for a Learner Permit In American Samoa
How To Apply for a Learner Permit In American Samoa


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