How To Apply for a new passport In Afghanistan

How To Apply for a new passport In Afghanistan

Citizens, which includes children six to eighteen need to visit the passport office within the Ministry of Interior and provide an image, the application form,

Provincial police stations also have passport offices which accept passport applications to process

Children younger than six years age require an official birth certificate

Children younger than 18 are required to be accompanied by a close family member, like either their parent, the oldest brother or an uncle or by a legally-authorized guardian

  • Complete and sign the application form in the correct format. Applications can be obtained in 3 different languages (Dari, Pashto and English) and can be downloaded in the application form section below, or consular forms.
  • Give (Three) standard passport-sized photographs that have been that are affixed to the appropriate box on your application. Passport photos must be clean identical and taken right off the face so that they can be seen with both ears.
  • Present original documents to prove the authenticity of their Afghan identity, such as the Tazkira and a passport that was previously issued or marriage certificate that has been endorsed with Kabul’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul and current professional or educational documents.
  • Fee Charges: All New passports are issued with a at least 5 years of validity. Therefore, the fee are per passport and are payable by debit or credit payment at the counter or in the bank with a the payment slip.
  • But, the final decision will be by an interview to confirm their identity. applicants who do not have original documents should bring 2 Afghan Identity Guaranteers. Identity guarantee forms are available to print from the application form below.

If you’re applying through mail, you must include a self-addressed, pre-paid return envelope big enough to accommodate to return your passport as well as documents. It is possible to make use of Certified or registered mail and any other trackable mail service or courier to guarantee security for you passport).

Documents Required new passport

  • A completed and signed application form
  • three passport-sized photos;
  • An authentic Afghan ID document for example an id card or TAZKIRA (id card)

If a person is not able to prove the authenticity of one of these documents must submit two identity Guarantee Forms signed by 2 Afghan citizen “of an established background in professional or social life.”

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of InteriorOfficial website of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior. Offers information on the ministry and its work.
Website : Link

How To Apply for a new passport In Afghanistan
How To Apply for a new passport In Afghanistan


What Are All The Eligibility

Every citizen of Afghanistan can apply for a passport renewal

Afghans can apply for an Afghan passport to travel or for reasons of identification.

Individuals are required to carry each of their passports. This means that spouses as well as the children can’t be included in the same passport as their parents.


The cost for a new Afghan electronic passport is the equivalent of 5,000 Afghanis ($100 US dollars)


A passport issued by Afghanistan is valid for a maximum of 5 years

Documents to Utilize

Download Passport Application Form.


Examples of Documents

Passport Guidelines for Download for Dari.

Processing Time

After you’ve completed the application (s) along with the required documents and fees The new passports will be issued in 25-30 working days. The passport extension is expected to take 10 – 15 days.


A business person who wants to apply for a business passport must be able to, in addition to meeting the requirements of an average passport also present the business license

Students who want to get a student passport should satisfy the requirements to obtain an ordinary passport. They must also submit an offer letter from a foreign school

Student passports are issued to students in higher education

Requirements Information

  • Family Name
  • Given Name
  • Father’s Name
  • Grandfather’s Name
  • Day of Birth (Gregorian)
  • The place of birth
  • Country/Province / State/District / Suburb/Village
  • Marital Status
  • Gender
  • Child: (under 18 years)
  • Country of residence
  • Other Nationalities
  • Height (cm)
  • Hair Color
  • Contact Details
  • Email Address
  • Mobile phone
  • Employment Details
  • Other distinctive features

Need to have the Document

Afghan passports are issued to citizens of Afghanistan. Afghan passports are issued to residents of Afghanistan to travel internationally.

On March 13, 2013, the new international standard e-passports were released. The country issuing five kinds of passports:

  • Ordinary given by the Ministry of Interior to Afghan citizens, valid for 5 years;
  • Official or service, provided from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to government employees traveling for official business. It is valid for the duration of their deployment
  • Diplomatic granted through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to diplomats on official business. Valid for the duration of their deployment
  • Business licenses licensed from the Ministry of Interior through the Ministry of Commerce and Industries to individuals who hold an active business license and valid for five consecutive years;
  • Student ID card granted from the Ministry of Interior through the Ministry of Higher Education to students who have a letter of acceptance from a foreign institution Valid during five years.

Information that could be helpful

According to the current rules, embassies can only issue normal passports. If you require a different type of passport like diplomatic or service, student, and others it is possible to apply through the Department of Consular Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul. On occasion the Consular Section at the Embassy can increase the duration of student or service passports. New passport applicants need to apply in person going to in the Consular section of the Embassy within the period of the official opening hours. Any applicants who are seeking new passports or extension of their passports should also:

  • Documents to prove residency like a PR card or Landed Immigrant document or citizenship certificate
  • Submit a proof of the current address, such as utility bills, driver’s licenses municipal papers, etc.
  • Pay the appropriate amount (see the fees schedule in the next paragraph)
  • If appropriate, provide a pre-paid courier or a self-addressed and registered return envelope or add an additional payment for the postage cost, in addition to the required charges.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • To prove identity
  • For a proof of citizenship

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Minors may be added to their parents’ passports but as it is common for other nations for minors to possess their own passports and passports, the Afghan government is able to issue passports for minors on their own.

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