How To Apply for a new passport In Andorra

How To Apply for a new passport In Andorra

Fill out the form on Tramits Comu D’Ordino.Submit the complete document along with the form to Tramits Comu D’Ordino office to be processed

Documents that are required new passport

The official birth certificate is provided through The Andorran government.

  • It is the Andorran birth certificate of the applicants father or mother If you were born in another country.
  • Alternately, the person could provide a document of immigration in the event that he or relocated to Andorra and then gained citizenship at a later time.
  • If the applicant lost the documents, he/ can request a new copy through Tramits Comu D’Ordino
  • People who have switched their identity to name that differs from the one recorded on their birth certificate are required to provide an official document from the court or civil department to explain the change in name (e.g. marriage certificate)

Office Locations and Contacts

Contact Tramits Comu d’Ordino Comu at 878100 or
Email : .

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Every citizen of Andorra are eligible to obtain an Andorran passport.


  • 20 euros


Andorran passports are valid for 5 years.

Processing Time

14 days


The applicants must fill out the passport application form that is issued from Tramits Comu D’Ordino

  • The application needs to be completed with either a blue or black ballpoint pen.
  • The government requires that applicants print clearly in large capital letters.
  • Candidates must provide a passport photograph that is 35 millimetres (1.38 inches) wide by 45 millimeters (1.78 inches) tall.
  • The applicant’s face should be placed in the photo with an uncluttered white background
  • The applicant shouldn’t wear glasses, hats, or similar items that cover the face of the person applying for the job.

Requirements Information

  • Applicant name
  • Birth date
  • Birthplace of the child
  • Identity proof of the parents of the applicant
  • Address

The document is needed

The possession of a Passport that is issued from the Government of Andorra allows the person who holds it to enter Andorra more easily than those who do not possess the Andorran passport.Applicants must satisfy the requirements of the government if they want to get the Andorran passport.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • Identification proof
  • For international travel
  • To prove citizenship

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How To Apply for a new passport In Andorra
How To Apply for a new passport In Andorra

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