How to Apply for a new passport in Denmark

Apply for a new passport in Denmark

  • Complete the application form
  • Apply by mail or in person to the Danish Immigration Services Citizen Service.
  • If you are not in those in the Greater Copenhagen area, you may also apply at your local police station.
  • The application fees must be paid.
  • Your passport will be delivered to your address of choice, as noted in CPR. Central Office of Civil Registration (CPR)

Required Documents For a new passport

  • The original birth certificate, or the certificate name
  • Photo identification
  • If you’re seeking a passport application for an unknown child it is required to provide an original birth certificate
  • If you are unable to provide a photographic identification with your CPR number You must show proof of your CPR’s registration (national Insurance card)
  • If you own a residence card, carry this
  • Photo needs
    • The photo should have an exact resemblance to your present appearance.
    • You must be looking directly at the camera and the image is suitable for scanning.
    • The background should be uniformly (light) color, without motives
    • Your eyes must be clear and not covered with eyeglasses, hair, or other similar items. Your mouth should not be fully open.
    • The wearing of a headband is only permitted if you are requesting religious reasons for this. Your forehead, cheeks, and cheeks should be clearly visible
    • The image must be 35mm in size and 45mm wide. The head must measure 30mm 36mm wide from the top of the chin up to the top of your hair

Office Locations and Contacts

Danish Immigration ServiceRyesgade 53
DK-2100 Kbenhavn
Permanent residence , passports
+45 35 30 86 10
Email :

What are all the Eligibility

Danish travel documents are only issued to someone who is a holder of the Danish residence permit for a refugee or someone who is recognized as a refugee under the definition by the United Nations Refugee Convention. This means that those who are granted the Danish residence permit as per the Danish Aliens Act,


Fees differ based on age of the applicant:
Age 65 or over: DKK 376
18-64 years old: DKK 626
12-17 years old: DKK 12-17 years: DKK
11 years and older: DKK 115
The fee must be paid on the moment of application.


The validity of the passport is five years. It should be renewed annually.

Processing Time

Processing can be completed within 2 to 4 weeks.


A passport could additionally be given to children who is younger than 18 whose parents are refugees recognition in Denmark. But, once the child is 18 years old, he/she must have the national identity card issued by authorities in the nation of that the child citizens.

The Information You Need

  • Birth date
  • Birthplace of the child
  • Applicant name
  • Address
  • Applicant parents name

Need to have the Document

Danish passports are utilized by Danish citizens to travel internationally. Danish passports can also be granted to someone who initially was granted an residence permit on reasons of asylum in a different country, and who is later granted the Danish residence permit on the basis of such things as family reunion.

Information that could be helpful

If you suspect that your personal information (e.g. nationality/citizenship and date of birth) has been incorrectly recorded in your Immigration Services records, you could use PE1 form to request a change of your information. You will find PE1 at

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • As an evidence of citizenship
  • For identification purposes.

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How to Apply for a new passport in Denmark
How to Apply for a new passport in Denmark

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