How to Apply for a passport in Holy See (Vatican City)

Apply for a passport in Holy See (Vatican City)

Passports are provided from the state secretary state to citizens who meet the criteria. You are not able to apply for a holysee or Vatican passport.

What are all the Eligibility

In accordance with the terms of Lateran Treaty, Vatican passport is issued to all individuals or their relatives whose official offices demand to reside in the territory


  • Vatican passports issued to employees who reside in the Vatican end when their residence or office is closed

It is not possible to become a citizen of Vatican through birth, as citizens are granted in other states. It is necessary to be given to be a citizen from the Holy Father or by the Papal Secretary of State.

Documentation is needed

The expression “Vatican passport” could refer to one granted from The Holy See or one that is issued from Vatican City State. Diplomatic passports issued by those of the Holy See are held by people who are part of the Holy See’s diplomatic department. Service passports issued by The Holy See can be issued to individuals who are part of services of the Holy See even if not citizens of Vatican City. Vatican City passports are issued to state citizens who are not members of serving the Holy See

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