How to Apply for a Secondary School Certificate In Uganda

Apply for a Secondary School Certificate In Uganda By Yourself

  • In Uganda students are awarded their Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) at the time they finish their four-year secondary school. It is similar to GCE O-Level in the UK. UCE is also referred to as “O-Level” by people of Uganda. The UCE exams are conducted through Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB). Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB)

Apply in-person

  1. Officers in charge of examination centers must purchase admission forms from the Board offices and distribute the forms to all candidates who is eligible to sit for the examination to fill precisely.
  2. It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure that their entries are correct and that their names are correctly recorded on the entry forms in the manner they’d like them to appear on their certificates.
  3. The entries must be accompanied by an album of passport size photos and a list of the candidates with all the details of every candidate as per an entry circular that is issued periodically.
  4. The forms that have been completed and the exam fees have to be handed over to the Board on or before the date stated in the annual circular. year prior to the beginning of registration. Late submissions will be charged extra charges per applicant. They cannot take place after the deadline given.
  5. Once the entries are accepted and registered, computer prints of entries will be given to the centers to verify the entries and should be promptly returned back to the Board.
  6. The candidates who have been registered are required to sit for their examinations and , upon completion of the exam, every candidate’s exam papers will be scored correctly and authentically .the exam board then go through every candidate’s result report.
  7. The ministry of education will notify the public via advertisements in the media that the results are out and that every student should collect their score form at their school or the examination centers where they took the test.
  8. Original certificates will be taken by the school’s head teacher or the officers in charge of examination centers at the Examination Board Centre Candidates must have brought their results slip in order to receive the original certificate.

Online verificationRegistered Candidate can verify their registration statues or exam results by entering their index number to the UNEB Website portal


Via mobile SMS

  • A registered candidate can check their registration status and exam results using an mobile phone by texting their index number to code number 6600 for a fee of 500 UGX per SMS

Required Documents For Apply for a Secondary School Certificate

  1. Forms that are filled in accurately (entries)
  2. Examination application fee
  3. Passport photo
  4. Indicate number for the candidate
  5. Exams Result Slip

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda National Education Board (UNEB)
Address The 35th plot of the Martyrs’ Way Martyrs’ Way, Kampala
P.O.BOX 7066 KAMPALA, Uganda
Phone: +256 41 4286635

Ministry of Education and Sports
P. O. BOX 7063 Kampala, Uganda
Email: (Communication Information Management)
Email: (BTVET)
Email: (Statistics)
Tel: 0414259338 (PRO)
Tel: 0414 257 038 (Permanent Secretary)
Tel 0414 230 231 (Human Resources Management)
Tel 0414 357 357 (Statistics Monitoring and Evaluation)
Tel 0414 671680/1 (Teacher Management Information System – Helpline)


  • All candidates who have been registered with The Uganda educational board national (UNEB)


  • Secondary School Certificate Valid for Life

Processing Time

  • The ministry of education will inform the results of the exam when they are released, via the media that advertise (TV radio, newspaper and TV)


  • Exams of the Uganda Certificate of Education conducted by UNEB will be conducted each year in the months of October and November. The time table printed will be taken from the Board offices by the officers in charge of centers for examinations who will notify applicants in time of the date they will be able to sit for the exams.
  • Entry Codes:
  • The various entry codes that must be displayed within the relevant column of the UCE Entry Form for the candidates can be found as follows:
  1. Code 1: For School Students who are enrolled for their first time for the very first time.
  2. Code 2: School students who are retaking the examination;
  3. 3. Code: For Private Candidates that are sitting at the very first opportunity.
  4. 4. Code for Private candidates who want to retake the test:
  5. Code Zero: for visually impaired Candidates who are sitting in the for first time, or as repeaters.
  • Centre Supervisors must make sure that the proper Entry Codes are used at registration.

The Information You Need

  1. The full name of the applicant (as as it appears on the certification)
  2. The subject to be decided by the candidate
  3. Indicate number for the candidate
  4. Admission code (private special school, public, or private)
  5. Passport photo

Documentation is needed

  • The document proves that an individual has completed secondary school in Uganda

Information that can be useful


  1. All candidates should be directed towards all candidates to the Directions and Caution issued before every exam and are included in the timetable for exams. Candidates will be asked to participate in a session of briefing about Directions and Caution to be given by the supervisor for the Center at the exact time and day specified in the timetable.
  2. When the Board is satisfied that a candidate been found guilty of any violation of these directions or warnings or any other misdeed or irregularity, or in any misconduct or dishonesty whatsoever regarding the exam or any paper or any of the papers, the Board can, at its discretion exclude any candidate who is found to be in violation of the UNEB examination and debar him/her from any further admission to the examination and may also cancel the examination results of the candidate and disqualify his/her participation for any subsequent examinations.
  3. If the Board finds that it is satisfied that the breaches of these directions or cautions or any other irregularity, malpractice or misconduct related to the examination were commonplace at any Centre or that the conditions under the manner in which the examination is conducted at any Centre aren’t satisfactory the Board can, at its discretion, decide to cancel the examination in en tire at the Centre with respect to all candidates who are enrolled at the Centre or withdraw the whole Centre.

Other uses for the document/certificate

Secondary school certificates are mandatory when applying for the next

  1. Admission to a higher education institution
  2. Application for a job
  3. How to apply for an ID card

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  • Sub Protest Entries.
  • To rectify an obvious error in an entry in the Register (the official printout of entries) an individual or paper from the subject that is not recorded can be taken or placed to “Under Protest” under the following conditions:
  1. An explanation must be given written by the student or head of the school and sent to the Board no later than the 31st August, the year of the examination.
  2. The “Under Protest” fee is to be paid by each applicant for every paper that is taken “Under Protest”,
  3. The exam papers on the subject are accessible at the Centre.
  4. The candidate’s script who took a paper Under Protest should be clearly signed by the Chief Inspector: “UNDER PROTEST CASE” and put within the same envelope along with the other candidate’s script at the Centre. The back of the envelope containing the script, the index number of the candidate should be written as “OUUNDER PROTEST CASE”.

Notification: Use of the under Protest procedure can result in delays or no results in the announcement of results of these candidates. The use of the Under Protest procedure should therefore be advised against.



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