How To Apply for a Temporary work Visa In Gabon

How To Apply for a Temporary work Visa In Gabon

  • Review the current Gabon visa regulations at Gabon foreign ministry or locate the Gabon Embassy in the country of your permanent residence to get the required visa requirements for Gabon;
  • Request a business visa;
  • When you arrive, fill in the special pass form.
  • Apply for a temporary work visa request form, and then fill it in precisely;
  • Pay all the required amounts; Attach all the essential documents such as
  • Invitation letter sent by Gabon company.
  • Motivation letter (written by the candidate)
  • Pay slips
  • Send all documents for the Ministry of Internal affairs;
  • Visit the Ministry of Interior Affairs to the ministry within 2 (2) two (2) weeks to purchase a Special Pass.
  • You can pick up your passport at a later time with a A Special Pass while it is currently being completed.
  • You must physically visit the Min of Interior Affairs Office to ask whether your work permit was granted. If yes, provide them with your passport. It is important to determine whether they have to keep it for a couple of weeks (or months) or if they’re able to take it in a matter of minutes.
  • Pay for the Work Permit.
  • Get the work permit.

Documents Required Temporary work Visa

  • A valid passport for six months
  • Form of visa application completed three (3) three (3) copies each one properly filled in and completed and signed by the applicant.
  • Three photos, recently taken
  • A certified copy of the original employment contract for a period that is not more than three months long and an interim work permit granted by the relevant Gabon agency responsible for employment, and a certification issued by the same agency by which the organization employing the worker is obligated to assist in the return of foreign workers who have been displaced by the end of the employment contract.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign affairs, Cooperation, Francophonie & Regional Integration

Bote Postale 2245,


Telephone : +241 (1) 727-600or 742-370

Fax:+241 (1) 742-375

Gabons embassies and high commissions as well as consulate offices in other countries. A list of these plus their contacts can be downloaded from

What Are All The Eligibility

Foreign nationals who wish to visit the country to seek work or employment that lasts for one-time (long) duration but are never considered to be permanent, or even indefinite. or if they are traveling to Gabon to work on a particular project that is more than 30 days.


The amount of money paid varies based on the type of class you are applying for the following reasons:

  • Class A2 (parastatal service) US$ 250 per year
  • Classes B (Agriculture) US$ 500 per year
  • Class C (Mining) US$ 500 per year
  • Class D (Businessman) US$ 1500per year
  • Class E (manufacturing) US$ 500 per year
  • Classes F (Professionals) US$ 750 per year
  • Classes G (Expatriate employees) US$ 600 per year
  • Class G1 (Missionaries, NGOs and volunteers) US$ 250 per year
  • Appeal costs US500 dollars
  • Certificate of residency for 5 years up to CR Life US$1,000
  • Marriage-related CR US$ 250


The validity period of the work permit is contingent on the time frame of the work that one plans to complete while in this country.

Processing Time

It could take two weeks or more to complete the visa.


  • Temporary worker visas are divided in nine (9) classes. Foreign nationals who want to live in Gabon is required to have at least one according to the following:
  • Employment Visa Government & Diplomatic Service: For those who are employed with government officials of the Government of Gabon or for diplomats who are appointed to serve in Gabon.
  • Work Visa for Government Contractors: For those who are appointed under government contracts, including those working in tertiary institutions of the Government.
  • Working Visa Investments in Agriculture for applicants who invest in the agriculture industry.
  • Employment Visa Mining For those who plan to invest in prospecting of mineral deposits or mines in Gabon.
  • Employment Visas for Businesses And Trade: For applicants who are planning to conduct trade or business in Gabon.
  • Workers with Work Visas Manufacturers: those who are planning to set up and invest into a manufacturing venture in Gabon.
  • Workers Visa Professionals: For those who belong to a professional group who are able to practice their profession in Gabon.
  • Work Visas for Volunteers, NGO Workers Missionaries: For applicants who plan to perform activities as NGO worker on a volunteer basis or missionary.
  • Work Visas for Employees: for applicants whose purpose is to live for a period of time in Gabon as employees, please note that this applies regardless of whether the work is for profit or not.

The Information You Need

  • Permission from school officials If you were granted a work permit temporary granted to students studying abroad, but permitted to work on a the basis of a temporary basis or with permission from any Responsible Officer exchange visitorsor a study program.
  • In the next step, you need to show proof of the fee. Once the fee has been paid and a receipt issued, you may visit any embassy or consulate to request a temporary work permits.
  • Specific rules and regulations vary in accordance with the consulate or embassy to the point you make your application.
  • The worker is only allowed to perform the work for which their Temporary visa was issued , for instance, temporary religious workers.
  • You have to prove that you are is sponsored by your employer for the position you have been nominated to be eligible for an employment visa for a short-term period.
  • You must possess relevant qualifications, qualifications and experience in the field of employment that is relevant to the position.
  • You must be able to meet the applicable health requirements, and also undergo an examination for health.
  • You must satisfy the requirements for character and present police certifications
  • You must accept the Values Statement for the country to which you are planning to travel.
  • You must be able to speak at a standard level when English is a second language.
  • After the above has been agreed after which you are able to apply for a Temporary Work Visa following the steps above.

Documentation is needed

  • Visas are a legal document that states that an individual is allowed to enter or exit the country that they were issued it, subject to the permission given by the immigration officer upon entry.
  • The authorization can be a paper document, but it usually comes in the shape of a stamp that is endorsed in the passport of the applicant (or passport-replacing documents).
  • Temporary work visas are granted to foreigners with an agreement to assist or provide services to a firm or other entity that is conducting work in Gabon. This visa permits people who work for an organization working in Gabon. The rule is that a citizen of a different country who wants to work in Gabon must first apply for an entry visa, which could be non-immigrant visas for temporary stays or an immigrant visa to stay permanently.
  • The temporary worker visa is granted to people who are seeking to enter the Gabon to work for one time They are not as permanent, or even indefinite. Each visa is dependent on employers to submit a request to Gabon Immigration Services. An approved petition is needed to obtain the work visa.
  • Gabon Temporary worker’s visa recognized as a more professional profession and is typically valid for long durations of time in order to obtain an official visa.
  • The following are steps of how you can apply to the Temporary Work Visa in Gabon.

Information that could be helpful

In the process of working on the work permit the Special Pass permits re-entry into Gabon without having to pay for Visa. Visa.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • Lets the country that issued the visa to be aware of all the details about the applicant
  • Security is increased since all visitors are registered
  • Offers opportunities for employment to citizens when foreigners start their own businesses.
  • The country’s revenue is increased;

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How To Apply for a Temporary work Visa In Gabon
How To Apply for a Temporary work Visa In Gabon



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