How To Apply for a Tourist Visa In Gabon

How To Apply for a Tourist Visa In Gabon

  • 1.The applicants applying for the tourist visa , as with any other applicants are advised to begin processing their visas by identifying the closest and most convenient authorized issuing agent in the country of their home or neighboring. The authorized issuing agencies are either Gabon consulate offices, embassies or high commission in foreign countries, addresses for these may be obtained by making a search on or can be located by visiting ,

    How To Apply for a Tourist Visa In Gabon
    How To Apply for a Tourist Visa In Gabon

    embassy_london.htm and selecting the most appropriate from the provided lists.

  • 2.When you have the organization discovered visit its office to determine what information is needed to obtain the visa necessary and get the form for visa application and complete it correctly;
  • 3.Prepare all the necessary documents and attach them the application form;
  • 4.Make all the required payments and attach the your payment slip to the application form.
  • 5.Thereafter you can submit your application with the Visa application and then await the processing of the request. (Applicants who opt to employ visa agents must submit their documents to the chosen agent);

Apply In Online

  • In some countries, visa agents provide online Gabon visa application services for instance:- 1.The USA applicants can apply for a Gabon tourist visa online by visiting and on the page, the applicant are required to follow the stated instructions and if followed, the system takes the applicants through the application process;
  • 2.USA applicant can also apply online by visiting and select the apply online button and after completing the online application, the applicant sends the required documents as advised on the same page.

Documents that are required Tourist Visa

  • 1.A valid passport
  • 2.Recent passport size photographs
  • 3.Invitation letter from the host in Gabon
  • 4.Proof that there are sufficient money (A account statement from a bank)
  • 5.Evidence of the hotel reservation(s) (if needed)
  • 6.Onward/return tickets or confirmation of itinerary
  • 7.Medical clearance certificate
  • 8.Police clearance certificate
  • 9.Payment slips

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign affairs, Cooperation, Francophonie & Regional Integration

Bote Postale 2245,


Telephone: (1) 727-600/742-370

Fax: +241(1) 742-375

Department of Documentation and Immigration.

Dr. Gerard Valeri

B.P. 6349 Quartier saint Benoit

81 Rue du Senateur Anguilet


Tel: 241-76-66-58 Libreville

Immigration Department

Ministry of the Interior, Security & Immigration Libreville

Gabons diplomatic representation in foreign countries. These plus their contacts can be downloaded from

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Foreigners who would like to travel to Gabon to enjoy entertainment related activities.


The cost of fees varies depending on where the application is filed. The usual fees are as below:

1.Tourist visas, single entry, 60

2.Tourist visas double entry 110

3.Tourist visas that allow multiple entry 200

Candidates in the USA have to pay the following fees

1.Business Visa Regular (Single and multiple entry) is priced between $ 140 and $ $165

2.Business Visa Rush (Single and multiple entry) is priced from $ 200 to $ 200 to 205


Valid for the period of three (3) months

Documents to Utilize

Sample application form can be downloaded from,,,

Processing Time

Normal processing for tourist visas takes five (5) work days. Rush processing for tourist visas two (2) work days.


1.Applicants must verify that their accepted passport is valid.

2.Ensure that the passport submitted includes a blank visa page

3.If the passport is expired or is missing a empty page on it, then the person applying for it must try to renew it prior to applying for a visa ;

4.Activities to be carried out on tourist visas cannot be funded by any other organization or companies in Gabon;

5.An applicant can apply via an agent for visas in the the country of residence, if there is one;

6.Holding an entry visa for tourists is not a guarantee of the right to allow entry into Gabon and the immigration department retains the upper hand when it comes to allowing or denying admission into the country.

7.Applicants who have been granted a tourist visa may only receive reimbursement of expenses or per diem allowances

8.Applicants must make sure that the documents they submit are authentic copies;

9.When the visa runs out the holder has to quit the country in order in order to avoid penalties.

10.Applicants have to be cleared by the police

11.Foreigners are believed to always make use of specially-designed entry points for entering Gabon;

12.Applicants should not be carrying harmful or prohibited substances when traveling in the country.

13.Applicants must have enough money before requesting a tourist visa.

14.Applicants must be able to adhere to the rules, laws and regulations of the department for immigration and of the entire country in the event that a visa is granted

Requirements Information

1.Full names and addresses of the the tourist

2.Sex age, Sex Marital situation of tourist applicant

3.Nationality /country of origin for applicant

4.Reasons to visit Gabon

5.Period of the stay in the country

6.Travel specifics (Dates of departure and arrival out of your country)

7.Particulars of host or hotel information in Gabon (where the applicant will be in)

8.Particulars or any other people you wish traveling with (if they have)

9.Financial capacity

Documentation is needed

It is a Gabon tourist visa an endorsement or stamp that is affixed by the official officials from Gabon on passports of foreign citizens to facilitate the execution of tourist activities such as visiting relatives or friends, traveling around the country, taking vacations or time at leisure, participating in the scientific, technological or cultural gatherings, conferences or seminars and other similar activities. Gabon tourists visas can be obtained through the department of immigration through consulates or embassies of Gabon in other countries.

Information that could be helpful

  • The applicants should know that the initial day of the counting for the processing period is the day when the documents are received, and that the processing times are strictly business days, which exclude weekends, holidays and normal days when a consular closing occurs;
  • All charges are for one individual.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • The country earns money through the issuance of visas
  • As foreigners move into to the nation, the demand for local products expands.
  • Foreigners who have been granted an entry visa for tourism can travel into the country and visit
  • Foreigners are able to remain in the country for as long as their visa is valid.
  • It improves relations between the host and foreigners in their home country

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