How To Apply for a Transit Visa In Gabon

How To Apply for a Transit Visa In Gabon

  • 1.An applicant must first determine the nearest issuing agent in home country or nearby country. The issuing agencies as indicated earlier are the consulates and embassies in foreign countries, these can be located by visiting ,
    How To Apply for a Transit Visa In Gabon
    How To Apply for a Transit Visa In Gabon

     or the applicant can visit and make a search by following directions on the page;

  • 2.When the closest issuing agency has been identified, the person applying must visit the agency to determine what information is required to obtain a visa for transit;
  • 3.Then the applicant is able to create all the documents needed;
  • 4.Obtain the visa application form from the office that issues visas and fill it out carefully and accurately.
  • 5.Make all the required payments;
  • 6.Attached all the documents required to you have prepared in the above 3 steps, plus the payment slip on the completed application form and
  • 7.Thereafter submits the application to the office that issued the application; and
  • 8.Wait for the visa processing.

Documents that are required

1.Valid passport

2.Onward tickets and visas to the third destination

3.Copy from flight’s flight schedule.

4.Recent passport photographs

5.Payment slips

6.Medical clearance certificate

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign affairs, Cooperation, Francophonie & Regional Integration

Bote Postale 2245,


Phone : (1) 727-600/742-370

Fax: +241(1) 742-375

Department of Documentation and Immigration.

Dr. Gerard Valeri

B.P. 6349 Quartier saint Benoit

81 Rue du Senateur Anguilet


Tel: 241-76-66-58 Libreville

1.Gabons consulates and embassies or high commissions in other countries. A list of these plus their contacts can be downloaded from

Immigration Department

Ministry of the Interior, Security & Immigration Libreville

What Are All The Eligibility

A person who is planning to an international transfer via the port of Gabon to another destination


Fees differ based on where the application is made

  • The applicants in the USA are required to pay the following charges:
  • Transit Visa Regular (Single and multiple entry) starts at $ 140 and goes up to $ 165
  • Transit Visa Rush (Single and multiple entry) is priced from $ 200 to $ 205


Transit visa valid for up to 3 (3) days

Documents to Utilize

Sample application form can be downloaded from and from

Processing Time

two (2) up to 5 (5) Working days.


1.An applicant must make sure that their passport is valid and valid.

2.In instances when a passport is expired or does not have a blank page applicants must renew their passport prior to applying for it;

3.The visa is only issued to those who are continuing to third countries;

4.Applicant must purchase onward flights and a visa prior to submitting to obtain a visa for transit in Gabon;

5.An applicant should not stay beyond the validity of their visa;

6.The transit visa will not permit holders to be involved in any kind of commercial or other paid activity;

7.Foreigners must enter via designated entry points

8.Applicants are not allowed to carry prohibited items when they enter the country.

9.Applicants are being questioned to ensure that they have sufficient funds to pay for their journey

10.Applicants who travel with children must be able to prove their the parental responsibility of the child or grant a the right to do so;

11.Applicants should be aware the rules, laws, and regulations of the department for immigration and of the nation as a whole;

12.A visa is not guaranteed to allow access to the nation. Entry is managed by the immigration department of Gabon;

13.A Visa agent may be contacted to help with the process of applying for a visa (if they are available);

The Information You Need

1.Name and postal address the applicant

2.Nationality or country of origin

3.Age Sex, Age and Marital status

4.Duration for staying in the country

5.Details of the third destination

6.Onward flight details

7.Particulars of the visa and tickets for third destination

8.Details of the people who will travel (number and name address, passport information and the age)

Documentation is needed

The Gabon transit visa granted to foreigners who wish to travel through Gabon to another destination. This visa can be issued through the department of immigration through authorized agencies , which include the Gabon consulates/ambassies / high commissions of foreign countries.

Information that can be useful

  • If the applicant utilized an agent for visas and was referred to the agent who forwards the application to the authorized immigration agency (embassy or consulate);
  • Visas are processed during work days. The weekend, holidays and days on the day that a consular shuts are not counted in the calculation of days for processing visas. Counting starts on the day that documents are received;

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • The country earns revenue
  • A person who has an entry visa for transit is able to enter the country to reach a desired destination with no issues;
  • Relations are built between the three countries that are involved (from through, and then to);

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