How To Apply for a Travel Permit for Minors In Algeria

How To Apply for a Travel Permit for Minors In Algeria

  1. Fill in the form for application.
  2. The applicant has to present his identity card as well as the “livret de family” or birth certificate.
  3. The father has to be present at the time that an Notorized Parental Authorization for Travel is issued. If the father dies or both parents have passed away The présence of the parent or guardian is required for the issue of this parental authorization to travel.

Minor children of divorced or separated parents , or in the care of their mother who gained full custody are exempt from the paternal travel authorization requirement.

Mother of minor after leaving the Algerian territory, must provide these documents

  • Her residence card
  • A copy of the document granting custody
  • Any document that proves the legal status of the child in another country (residence or school attendance card)
  • A family booklet (livret de family ) or another document that shows the connections between the family.

Documents that are required Travel Permit for Minors

  • The completed application form
  • The Original and copy of the full birth certificate of the minor or family book of the parents.
  • The father’s identification (Consular Card , Passport)

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign AffairsAddress 06 rue Promontory, Plateau Annassers, Kouba 16000 Algiers, Algeria.
Telephone: +213 21 50 45 45
Fax: +213 21 50 41 41
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How To Apply for a Travel Permit for Minors In Algeria
How To Apply for a Travel Permit for Minors In Algeria

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Minor, Algerian Citizen

The document does not required for minors whose parents have divorced or separated in the event that:

  • The minor lives abroad with her mother.
  • The mother has an Court Order for full custody of the child. The order is required to be handed over at the time of leaving by mother authorities at the time of the child is leaving Algeria.


A travel authorization for children as well as the Notorized Parental Authorization to travel is valid only for three months..


Father of child is the one who applies to get this document.

Documentation is needed

Algerian authorities at every border control Point (including Airports, Ports or Land Borders) requires an Algerian minor who is traveling on their own or with a mother to carry a Notorized Parental Authorization to Travel in order to be able to travel. The document is obtained through the father of the minor.

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