How to Apply for a Work Permit In Belize

 Apply for a Work Permit In Belize By Online

  1. For applicants from Belize You must first make payment in cash at your nearest sub-treasury of the government. Utilize the following template to ensure that the fee is correctly applied. The fee is BZ$45.
  2. How to  Apply for a Work Permit In Belize
    How to Apply for a Work Permit In Belize
  3. After you’ve paid your application fee, the application can be completed available online.
  4. You’ll need to go back to the office in order to collect the documents you have been granted upon showing proof of identification.

    Office Locations and Contacts

    General Office:
    Dry Creek Street. Mountain View Boulevard
    Tel: +(501)822-3860 / 822-0739
    Fax: +(501)822-2662


    Permits to work will typically not be issued to waitresses, vendors, domestics, and farm workers, except in extraordinary situations.

    A work permit cannot be granted to a tourist or visitor who is residing within Belize for a time shorter than 6 months.


    • Technical and Professional Workers Professional and Technical Workers: Fixed fee of $1,500.00 per year
    • General Workers (Except Seasonal Agriculture Workers) A fixed fee of $200.00 per year
    • Seasonal agricultural workers: Fixed fee of $50.00 per year
    • Religious Education and Voluntary Workers: Fixed cost of $50.00 per year
    • Solo performers Solo performers: Fee for solo performers: $300.00 for any time period of that is not more than one week
    • In groups of six or more In groups of six or more: Fee of $750.00 for any time up to a week
    • Entertainers who perform in Groups that are two people or greater not exceeding one week A fee of $500.00 for any time not exceeding six people

      Processing Time

      It takes about four weeks for your application to be considered.

      The document is needed

      Here is the procedure for how to apply for an employment permit in Belize.

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