How to Apply for Advocate Special Practicing Certificate In Uganda

Apply for Advocate Special Practicing Certificate In Uganda By Yourself

  1. To be eligible for Advocate Special Practicing Certificate, applicants must apply in person to the Registrar at Uganda Law Council.
  2. Complete the application form with necessary supporting documents to Registrar Uganda Law Council. the application form must be handed over at Uganda Law Council. Uganda Law Council or you could forward them to following:
    The Register
    Uganda Law Council,
    Address: P. O. Box 7183,
    Kampala, Uganda.
  3. You must complete the application along with the necessary documents.These documentations comprise:
    1. Send a copy of the your application to the Registrar Uganda Law Council.
    2. The proof of payment for the cost of subscription Uganda Law Society
    3. Recommendation from a Senior Practice Advocate.
    4. Certificate of registration as an an enrolled Advocate.
    5. The completed form must be filled in. Professional Good Conduct and attach to it all the conditions.
    6. Receipt as proof of payment of fees prescribed by law.
    7. Statement from the bank.
    8. Fees for licenses to be paid.
    9. Passport photos (2 copies)
    10. No objection certificate received from Uganda Law society.
  4. The registrar and the authorities after reviewing the documents and the details provided will enter the information and give your record number as a use as a reference.
  5. It is also your responsibility with the payment of fees for Certificates as your Law Council may, by regulations, prescribe. Additionally, various fees could be set for different types of advocates.
  6. Send the receipt of payment along with the application forms. A form for application is available at no cost.
  7. A processing period that is 14 working days necessary to process the Special Certificate of Practicing Advocate following which you will be contacted via telephone to pick up your Practicing Certificate from Uganda Law Council offices. Uganda Law Council offices.
  8. You’ll be required to have your ID documents on hand to collect your practicing Certificate The registrar will issue a unique practice certificate.


  • Anyone who is without an authentic practicing certificate or whose certificate was removed or cancelled, or who practices acting as an advocate is guilty of professional misconduct. The Law Council or any person could make a complaint the Disciplinary Committee in respect of the conduct.
  • In accordance with the Advocate regulations Act, any advocate who holds an active certificate of practice can practice as such at the High Court or in any court that is subordinate to the High Court.
  • Any person who is unhappy with any decision taken by the Law Council on enrolment, can, within 30 days from the date of notification to the Law Council, apply to the High Court for a review.

Required Documents For Apply for Advocate Special Practicing Certificate

  • Attach a copy on the application form to the Registrar Uganda Law Council.
  • Documentation of payment for cost of subscription Uganda Law Society
  • Recommendation of a Senior Practitioner Advocate.
  • Certificate of Registration for an Enrolled Advocate.
  • Form that is completed and filled out of professional conduct and to it all requirements.
  • Receipt as proof of the payment of fees prescribed.
  • Statement from the bank.
  • Fees for license payments.
  • Passport photos (2 copies)
  • No objection certificate received from Uganda Law society.
  • National Identification Card(Voter ID / DL / Bank Pass Book etc.)
  • Written or prescribed application form
  • The proof of academic qualifications that is the proof of academic qualification.

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Law CouncilP.O.Box 7183 Kampala, Uganda.
Parliament Avenue.
Georgian House, 7th Floor Kampala -Uganda.
Tel: +256414341673, +256-230802/254829.
Fax: +256-414-230802/254829
Site: Uganda law concil


  • is the recipient of a diploma in law, which is conferred by a Ugandan university; or
  • He is Uganda citizen.
  • an individual who has an academic degree in law at a college or an institution that is recognized to be accredited by the Law Council in a country with a common law system.
  • was registered as a lawyer under any name, in any country with under the system of common law, and is recognized to the Law Council by regulations; or
  • Achieves a degree that would allow him or her to be an enrolled citizen in any country with a common law system and to be designated to the Law Council by regulations


Costs of licence: Ug.shs.300,000


The validity of this special practice advocate certificate is one an entire year (every 31st December every year).

Processing Time

  • In the event that your request is complete and fair the time for processing is 14 days from the date you submitted the application.


The registrar may refuse to renew or issue a practice certificate for an advocate who as of the date of their application to be granted the certificate;

  • is an unrelieved bankrupt, or for who a receiving order from bankruptcy is in effect
  • A person who is adjudged to be unsound in mind in accordance with the Mental Treatment Act.
  • He has not paid any fines or other costs imposed against him or her in the Act.
  • has not met any of the regulations that were issued of the Law Council with regard to the annual filing of accounts.
  • Has not paid his or her dues as an active person who is a member of Uganda Law Society. Uganda Law Society for the current year.
  • is providing services to the government through a contract, and the duration of the contract hasn’t yet been completed.
  • Anyone who is eligible to have their name included on the Roll can apply for the Law Council.
  • Anyone who hasn’t engaged in a minimum time of one calendar year, that applicant is not qualified to have his or his name included on the Roll until the applicant has met with these requirements, whether in relation to instruction, examination or other aspects of the development of professional skills and experience as can be set out in the regulations issued by the Law Council.

Requirements Information

  • Applicant Signature
  • Date of application
  • Contact Number and Address
  • Bank account
  • Medical report
  • Report of No Objection
  • A proof of the subscription fee from Uganda Law Society for the current year.

Information that can be useful

  1. An advocate who holds an active certificate of practice can practice as an advocate at the High Court or in any court that is subordinate to the High Court.
  2. The Law Council may, subject to the person who has an appropriate certificate of practice, admit to the practice of an advocate in the context of any particular case or matter, any legal practitioner under any name, of any country with a common law system and authorised as such by the Law Council under subsection of the Act or who has come to Uganda or is planning to come to Uganda in the hope of taking part in the particular case or in that.

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