How to Alter or Change a Registered Trademark In Jamaica

Alter or Change a Registered Trademark In Jamaica By Online

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  1. To request the modification of an trademark registered You must submit your request for the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO). You can view the JIPO office map and contact information via the following link: – JIPO contacts
  2. Go to the JIPO office to get the change form, or download the form on JIPO’s website: JIPO site: Forms for application (find “Trademark form 11” in the TRADEMARKS section).
  3. Complete the application form in the manner that is instructed and attach all required supporting documents listed within the “Required Documents” section to the completed application form.
  4. Visit the JIPO office to pay the necessary change fees at the cashier, and then collect the receipt of payment.
  5. Complete the application form together with all necessary documentation in the hands of JIPO’s service desk. JIPO person at the desk of service.
  6. The official will review the application and send it to the authority responsible to process it.
  7. The JIPO official in charge JIPO will examine your request to decide whether it meets the standards required for the modification to the mark.
  8. Following a successful evaluation after which the necessary modifications will be made to the registered trademark , and JIPO will make the necessary changes within their system for registration.

Required Documents For Alter or Change a Registered Trademark 

  • Application form.
  • Four copies of the modified Mark.
  • Reception of payment.
  • Any other request for documents made by JIPO.

Office Locations and Contacts

Jamaica Intellectual Property Office
Address:18 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10Jamaica, West Indies
Tel:876.946-1300, 946-0789, 946-9216
– For copyrights
– Contact details
– Website


  • The trademark owner who is registered or representative is able to apply for the modification of the trademark.


  • Contact the authority in question for information on fees.


  • The modification will be valid throughout the entire duration that the mark is in use.

Documents to Utilize


  • You must complete the application in uppercase letters with an eraser pen in black or type the answers.

The Information You Need

  • Reference.
  • Registration details.
  • Full name of the owner or licensee or the opponent.
  • Address.
  • Trademark details.
  • Signed and Date.

The document is needed

  • The registration of an altered trademark signifies that you are the owner of the trademark and can not be used by other company or individual.

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