How To Apply for Air Operator Certificate In China

How To Apply for Air Operator Certificate In China

  • In order to complete the application form and build an application and the General Administration of 138 orders to create the necessary documents and details.
  • The materials for the application are submitted to the office at the Regional Administration of Civil Aviation of First Instance.

Regional Administration will apply for the development of public relations regarding the issue of Internet business. The Regional Administration will submit preliminary remarks to CAAC in the period of 20 working days.

  • There is no public protest, however and the Civil Aviation Administration made a preliminary decision to allow online publicity and preparation. Take the final decision by analyzing the publicity situation. There were significant concerns raised by publicity, the applicant, in the event that the interested party asks for an hearing, in accordance with the rules that the Civil Aviation Administration organized a hearing, take an initial decision about whether to allow an opportunity to build based on to the outcomes. Grant the construction and then make the final decision following the online publicity. The work begins when that the request is accepted over 20 working days following the date of completion (except any hearing times).
  • Give a written notice to prepare a grant beginning with to the day of decision, within 10 business days from the announcement of decision. The decision not to build approval must be made public and not a plan to build until when the final decision is within 10 days of the notification in writing of the for reasons of the applicant.

In the process of establishing the enterprise base for the construction of the runway, scope of business is altered, the report is approved from the Civil Aviation Administration; build responsible capital establishment business address, contact information changes and the new information must be submitted within 10 working days following the approval of the CAAC.

Documents that are required Air Operator Certificate

  • To create the application
  • The process of preparing the feasibility study This comprises:
    • Area general aviation market demand;
    • The operation proposed for the project, and feasibility models, work areas bases, airports of base and other infrastructure that are compatible with it;
    • The sources and channels for the training of aviation personnel;
    • The trustworthiness of the technical quality of the work
    • Economic forecast analysis
  • The person in charge of the creation for the list of seniority and identity
  • The creation of more than two investment must be accompanied by a shareholder agreement signed contract. The investors of the enterprise should provide a copy the business license. If the investor, who is an individual, and must be able to prove their identity.
  • International investment: the investor must be required to make a foreign investment in the civil aviation, and for the proposal of the project and feasibility study report, as well as approval procedures, supply the necessary documents for approval.

Office Locations and Contacts

Civil Aviation Administration of the Secretary of Management Services MarketMailing Address: Beijing East Fourth Street, East 155 West
Zip Code: 100710
Tel: 010-64091960
Fax: 010-64048814

Air Standards CAAC Flight Standards Department Secretary:
Dong Si 155 West Main Street
Zip: 100710
Tel: 010-64091409

North Administration Flight Standards Service:
Beijing Capital International Airport
Postcode: 100621
Telephone: 010-64594950

East China Administration Flight Standards Service:
Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
Postcode: 200335
Telephone: 021-51128313

South Africa Administration Flight Standards Service:
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Postcode: 510406
Telephone: 020-86130842

Southwest Administration Flight Standards Service:
Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
Postcode: 610202
Telephone: 028-85702489

Northwest Administration Flight Standards Service:
Labor Xi’an Road No. 207
Zip: 710082
Tel: 029-88791283

Northeast Administration Flight Standards Service:
Dadong xiaoheyan Road,
Zip code: 110043
Tel: 024-88293739

Xinjiang Administration Flight Standards Service:
Urumqi Welcome Road 46
Zip: 830016
Tel: 0991-3801187

Oversight Authority:
Contact: Beijing Capital International Airport in east operation, safe operation
Zip: 100621
Tel: 010-64593037

Oversight Authority:
Contact: Beijing Capital International Airport in East operation, in a safe operation
Tel: 021-51126163
Zip: 200335

South Africa safe operation Oversight Authority:
Contact: Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Tel: 020-86122513
Zip: 510406

What Are All The Eligibility

Aircraft operators who use aircrafts for commercial purposes.


The creation of a public air transport company must meet the following requirements:

  • less than 3 lease or purchase and meet the applicable specifications of the civil aircraft;
  • The person who is in charge of the all aspects of management for the enterprise must have a public air transport management capacity director of flight, maintenance of aircrafts, and more. The technical and professional work. the person responsible must be in compliance with the applicable regulations of the civil aviation regulations, including the representative of the legal authority to Chinese citizens;
  • equipped with skilled and experienced staff in accordance with the requirements of Civil Aviation Regulations;
  • not less than the minimum capital registered in the State Council;
  • with the base airport operator and additional permanent premises and equipment
  • other conditions required to comply with other requirements for Civil Aviation Administration regulations.

The Information You Need

  • Personal name or company name
  • The home
  • The base airport
  • Aircraft models (four) used
  • The person responsible, or the personal identification number
  • The scope of the activities and the scope of projects
  • Registration Number
  • The registration category
  • The period of activity
  • The authority for registration and the registration date

Need to have the Document

A certificate of air operator (AOC) can be described as the permission given by the China Civil Aviation Authority to an operator of aircraft to permit it to use its aircraft for commercial use. This means that the operator has to have assets, personnel and a systems in place to ensure the safety of their employees and the public at large. The certificate will outline the type of aircraft and registrations that are to be used to what purpose, and for what region – specific airports or geographical regions.

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