How To Apply for Aircraft Maintenance License In China

How To Apply for Aircraft Maintenance License In China


The Civil Aviation Administration of China approved the appointment of licensing examination units (civil maintenance personnel of aircrafts license exam Management Center) organization (ii) the most fundamental element of the application for a license to maintenance personnel

  • for be the Civil Aviation Administration of China licensed civil aircraft maintenance Test management centers to submit
  • Submissions
    • “the first civil aviation maintenance staff license issued or renewal request” details (Annex I) and the conditions
    • A fundamental component of the results of the licensing examination forms a fundamental part of the license examination result. (c) acknowledge the request (four) examine (five) licenses issued by a significant portion of maintenance personnel

Documents that are required Aircraft Maintenance License

  • Initial application to renew of
  • The most important component of the licensing certification (original) evidence of job experience to show
  • Before the most advanced qualification certification (copy) Within 60 calendar days from the date of filing of the health certificate
  • Documents related to training and work experience to show
  • Health certificate before the date of filing, which is 60 days
  • 1. Photo (hat inch photograph in color)

Office Locations and Contacts

Tianjin Institute of Civil Aviation Aircraft Maintenance Personnel License Examining Control CenterAddress Civil Aviation University of China, Tianjin Binhai International Airport,
Zip Code: 300300
Tel: (022) 24092280,2281,2282,2284,
Fax: (022) 24092285

What Are All The Eligibility

  • 21 years old, well-informed (two) and possessing a second (or higher) of aviation technology-related professional certifications obtain the required qualifications needed to apply for maintenance and professional work in the field accumulated over the period of two or more years (or more) or to apply for the application for appointment of professional certifications and repair work over the course of three-year period (or greater). The total number of years of maintenance of aircrafts, including the non-civil experience in aircraft maintenance. The applicant’s application for one year prior to the date of application must continue to engage in professional repair work.
  • Able to read and write relevant technical documents and management software


Exam cost: $80 Fee: 10 Yuan


  • Civil Aircraft Maintenance Personnel License (hereinafter known as Maintenance personnel’s license) which includes infrastructure ministry Points and models. Maintenance personnel license candidates pass an exam to be granted an authorization-based service personnel base section. A fundamental component of the maintenance license may be granted even in non-model in instances.
  • Aircraft maintenance personnel applicants require a prior application for an incomplete maintenance license from the Base section.
  • A fundamental component of the maintenance personnel license is aviation and mechanical avionics, two majors.
  • Aviation Mechanical Engineering, English code ME;
  • Avionics professional, English code AV.
  • A fundamental component of the aviation maintenance personnel’s license equipment to be classified into these categories:
  • Turbine aircraft English code turbine aircraft English code;
  • piston aircraft piston aircraft English code PA;
  • turbine helicopter turbine helicopter English code TH.
  • piston helicopters English code is PH.

The Information You Need

  • Name
  • Birth date
  • Address for mail
  • Country of Citizenship
  • Sex
  • ID number
  • Education
  • Information about the license (if relevant)
  • The content of an application
  • Specialty
  • Signature

Information that can be useful

  • Licenses for maintenance personnel of the Fundamentals exam must be issued in accordance to those Civil Aviation Administration exams large
  • Gang performed.
  • The test comprises written, oral and basic test. Written, oral and fundamental skills test
  • Scores of at 70 marks (or more) are considered to be certified. Subjects to be tested according to the syllabus of the exam and exam
  • Failures can be made up the test. Test score is valid for two years.
  • In the event of cheating or other illegal participants during the exam, the exam’s owner will be cancelled.
  • Georgia as of two years after on the day of the annulment, shall not be allowed to sit for the test.

Other uses for the document/certificate

Essential part of maintenance personnel is to get the appropriate model and license that signed using the following


  • a model class ? The holder of the license who has signed it enjoys these rights
    • In conformity to the publication of the CCAR-145 line maintenance as per the work order has been completed A check or
    • Fairly low (with) The following mix of routine check-ups and repairs to modifications to aircraft work;
    • In accordance with the regulations by the Ministry of CAR-43 maintenance work on aircraft was approved and its recovery


  • Are you the correct type? Class-signed license holders as well as an authentic model ? class
  • Lee outside is also able to observe the publication of CCAR-145 work orders, which were completed in accordance with the A-level exam or equivalent exam
  • Other than routine maintenance and modification of aircraft work.

External Links

Civil Aircraft Maintenance Personnel License


  • Civil Aviation Administration is responsible for maintenance personnel of civil aircraft license base component, as well as the Ministry of Civil Aircraft
  • Test pieces are a fundamental component of the license for civil aviation maintenance management and staff qualification
  • Trial, issuance, and supervision and supervision and.
  • Civil Aviation Authority is responsible for maintaining regional civil aircraft personnel license, parts for civil aircrafts
  • Fundamentals of repair and maintenance personnel for licenses as well as civilian maintenance personnel for aircraft examinations for qualification
  • Examiners and maintenance of civil aircraft personnel license model component Civil aircraft component repair man
  • Signing and supervision of projects and section on management workers’ licenses




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