How To Apply for an Electronic Visa (Evisa) In Antigua and Barbuda

How To Apply for an Electronic Visa (Evisa) In Antigua and Barbuda

  1. Before you begin your application online, make sure you’ve got the following items:
    1. An email address that is valid to be used to allow Immigration Department Immigration Department to provide you with any updates on your application, which includes an acknowledgement email for your visa that has been approved.
    2. Valid travel documents (e.g. passport) The travel document should remain valid at minimum 6 (6) months after the date of your planned arrival.
    3. A recent digital photo A valid and mandatory image file with an extension code that is JPG or JPEG is required. The file size must not be more than the size of 512KB.
    4. Documents supporting the application (scanned) Documents that support the application: A valid file that has an extension that is JPG, JPEG or PDF. A passport scanned and 5 different types of documents are required. Not more than 10 uploads may be uploaded. Each upload must not exceed 512KB in size.
    5. A valid credit or debit card to make payment for the application
  2. To begin your application, click the for the Link
    How To Apply for an Electronic Visa (Evisa) In Antigua and Barbuda
    How To Apply for an Electronic Visa (Evisa) In Antigua and Barbuda


  3. Once the website is open Click the ‘Apply Now’ link.
  4. Please provide details regarding your visa application and your personal details.
  5. Upload your image and any supporting documents.
  6. Make sure you review the information you’ve given again.
  7. Pay for your visa online application.
  8. An email will be sent to you confirmation of the receipt of your application as well as the payment.
  9. An email will get to your email with your EEV travel invitation.
  10. Print an original copy of each of the documents that you receive for your record.

Documents that are required Electronic Visa (Evisa)

  • Bio page of your passport travel document that has a valid permits for transit or re-entry for any country in tickets you might be issued.
Passports need to be valid for at least 6 months after the date of entry into Antigua as well as Barbuda.)
  • Recent color passport photo (45mm 35mm) The photographs must be placed set on a background only, and must not be altered or changed from its original form.
  • Documentation of the proposed trip into the country and back out Antigua as well as Barbuda i.e. tickets or confirmations of reservation from Travel agent.
  • A proof of accommodation for the duration of your stay, or an invitation letter of your host. Students must submit an acceptance letter from their school as well as the details of the place they’ll be staying for their studies. Travelers on business trips are required to submit the letter of your employer detailing the reason of the trip.
  • The proof of funds needed to pay for the travel i.e. bank statements from the last two months.
  • A recent police record. (Discretion could be made by the office that issues visas.)
  • Birth certificate.
  • Status of immigration in passports (or residency permits). ( This includes any other country, also the states of Antigua & Barbuda.)
  • Supporting documents (scanned): A valid document with an extension such as JPG, JPEG or PDF. A passport scan and five different types of document are required. Not more than 10 uploads are allowed. Each file should not exceed the size of 512KB. The supporting documents can comprise:
    • Birth certificate
    • Letter of employment
    • Marriage certificate
    • Notarized letter
    • Passport
    • Police records
    • Evidence of accommodation
    • Documentation of the funds
    • School acceptance letter
    • Travel itinerary

Pay attention:

  • All documents should be clearly scanned by using only a scanner.
  • All documents must be scan in full color and from primary documents.
  • PHOTO COPIED DOCUMENTATIONS ARE not acceptable and will be rejected.

Office Locations and Contacts

Department of ImmigrationLong and Thames Streets, St. John’s, Antigua
Tel: (268)-562-1387, 562-1389
Local Fax: (268)-562-1388
Fax overseas: (268)-562-1388

What Are All The Eligibility

Any person who has a valid travel document which requires a visa in order to be able to travel into Antigua as well as Barbuda.

Countries exempt from Visa

citizens of countries that are not on the list must obtain an entry visa.


It is not necessary to visit Antigua and Barbuda to the exact date according to the information in the application. Your validity for your e-Visa commences with the approval or issue date that is specified on the application. You are allowed to travel to Antigua and Barbuda at any time within this time frame.

Multiple entry e-visas last to one calendar year.

Note: To all citizens of countries that do not require a visa to enter to Antigua and Barbuda on business or vacation is allowed to stay for as long as they need to for their work as long as:

  • The stay should not last more that six consecutive months.
  • They come with an Onward and Return ticket.
  • They are provided with confirmation of accommodation.
  • They may provide proof of their ability to keep them within Antigua as well as Barbuda and also have valid passports.

Processing Time

The email you receive will inform you to inform you of the approval on the e-Visa within 7 working days after the date of the application.


You are able to make an application for an e-Visa at any time prior to travel date. However The Immigration Department advises all applicants to complete the e-Visa application at the very least 7 (7) work days prior to the date of departure.

Express visa processing is available for an extra cost.

The document is needed

An e-Visa is a valid document that allows entry the country of Antigua Barbuda and Barbuda.

Information that can be useful

The e-Visa is a substitute for Visas that are issued from Antigua as well as Barbuda overseas missions as well as at the entry points at Antigua as well as Barbuda.

A e-Visa can be accessed quickly and easily from any location with an internet connection. It helps the applicant save time. It is not necessary to waste time applying for visas at foreign offices or at ports of entry to Antigua or Barbuda (if you qualify to receive a visa upon arrival).

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