How To Apply for an Emergency Passport In Algeria

How To Apply for an Emergency Passport In Algeria

  1. You must make an application for emergency passports to the official Services from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Complete the application form and send it along with the other necessary documents (see the list below).).

If you’re outside Algeria:

You can use the hyperlink listed beneath “Office Locations & Contacts” to contact the closest Algerian Embassy in the country where you’re currently in. The office will handle requests for an emergency Passport.

Documents that are required Emergency Passport

  • The completed form is signed by the applicant or the legal guardian of minors, and with the signature of the fingerprint on the index left of the person applying.
  • Attachments:
    • Copy of the passport expiring or the related declaration in the event of damage, loss, or theft, for those who live abroad
    • A copy of the passport that has expired or a copy of the identity card issued by Algeria issued to citizens of Algeria;
    • The consular registration card for citizens who are registered with the consular or diplomatic post
    • Documentary proof to support the reason you require an emergency passport.
    • Two (2) passport photos (colored)
    • Revenue Stamp 6.000 DA.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of InteriorAdresse : Palais du gouvernement, 01 Rue Dr SAADANE ALGER
Phone : +213

Algerian Consular and Diplomatic representations overseas

How To Apply for an Emergency Passport In Algeria
How To Apply for an Emergency Passport In Algeria

What Are All The Eligibility

Emergency passports are issued in the most urgent situations and to the benefit of the following reasons:

  • Algerian citizens living abroad, recognized by consular or diplomatic post and without a biometric passport and due to professional, family medical, administrative or other reasons, are required to relocate in an emergency out of their home country;
  • Algerian citizens who reside abroad and registered at an official diplomatic or consular office who are temporarily in a foreign country that is not the home country, whose passports are lost or damaged;
  • Algerian citizens who are not recognized by a diplomatic or consular post, and the regularization of their status as immigrants as regards living, has been recognized from the officials of their country they reside in and requires the possession of a valid passport.
  • Algerian citizens temporarily living in other countries or whose passports have been damaged, lost, or stolen, and are being required to travel to one or more countries prior to returning to Algeria;
  • Algerian citizens living abroad, registered with an embassy , consulate or embassy that is located in temporarily in Algeria or whose passports have been damaged, lost or stolen, or the validity of their passport has expired and who are now in a position of being forced to return to their home country;
  • Algerian citizens living in Algeria without a passport , and due to reasons of family professional, administrative, or healthreasons, are forced to relocate during an emergency out of the country’s territory..


The validity of an emergency passport is set for a maximum time of one (1) year from the time it being issued. It cannot be extended.

Surrendering your Emergency Passport

The emergency passport should return to the responsible authority once you have received an digital biometric passport.

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This guideline provides details on how to get emergency Passport.

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