How to Apply for Appointment of Notaries Public In Jamaica

Apply for Appointment of Notaries Public In Jamaica By Online

Application In Person

  1. To apply to be an Notary Public of Jamaica it is necessary to send your application at the Governor General’s Office. Check out this link for the Governor General’s Office contact details through this hyperlink: Link
  2. Get the application form to be appointed as a notary public at the Governor General’s Office and complete it according to the instructions.
  3. Make two certificates of fitness to practice as notary. They must be and signed by two current attorneys at-law who are practicing for at least 10 years in standing. Attach the certificates to your application.
  4. Visit your local Governor General’s Office to submit your application.
  5. In the Governor General’s Office the application will be checked by the official responsible for it and the application will be sent to the Ministry of Justice. Ministry of Justice
  6. The Ministry of Justice will review your application to determine if you fulfill the minimum requirements required to become notary public. Then they will forward an application for approval to the chief Justice
  7. A Chief Justice is likely to ask for an unrestricted report on your case to the Society of Notaries Public.
  8. Based on the assessment and report of the application concluded that you’re suitable to become notary public, you will then be screened to be considered for the position of notary public. Your name will be added to an open list.
  9. If the public is in need of the appointment of a new notary or a vacancy exists for the post of a notary public, an appointment of the most qualified candidates to be appointed will be made according to the date of submission.
  10. If you’re appointed successfully, the minister of Justice will then issue the to issue the Writ of Dedimus and your Commission will be prepared and sent to the Governor-General for signature
  11. Then, you will get informed about the date by writing and you will then be guided through the formalities of an appointment with a notary public.

Required Documents For Apply for Appointment of Notaries Public 

  • Request to make an appointment
  • Two certificates of fitness to be Notaries, and signed by two Notaries or Attorneys-at Law who have been practicing for at least 10 years’ standing

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Justice’
Address address: Address: Constant Spring Road
Kingston 10
Phone: (876) 906-4923-31
Toll-Free 1888-4-justice (587-8423);Toll-free from any place within jamaica.
Fax: (876) 906-1712
MOJ Contact details: Link

The Office Of The Governor-GeneralKing’s House
Address: Hope Road, Kingston 6, Jamaica W.I.,
Telephone: (876) 927-6424
Fax: 927-4561 (Governor General’s Secretary)
Contact information: Link


An attorney at law who has an active standing of at least 10 years is able to apply


Application is completely free


A notary’s appointment valid for the time period specified in your appointment documents


In the case of new designated Notaries Public you will be required to sign the Roll of Notaries Public at the Registry of the Supreme Court, this will assure that your signature will be authenticated at any time.

Requirements Information

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Many years of experience as an attorney
  • Signature and date

The Document is required

In your capacity as a notary public you’ll be able to offer authentication services to the public in accordance with the requirements by law

External Links

MOJ: Link




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