How to Apply for Bike Taxi Permit in Denmark

Apply for Bike Taxi Permit in Denmark

  1. In order to apply for a bike taxi licence in Copenhagen you’ll need to apply for the Office of Technical and Environmental Administration.
  2. You may submit your request online – .
  3. How to Apply for Bike Taxi Permit in Denmark
    How to Apply for Bike Taxi Permit in Denmark
  4. Just fill out the online form and upload the necessary documents, and then hit the submit button.
  5. Once the case is processed, the Office will give you a time to pick out your license in the Technical and Environmental Administrations customer center (address given below).
  6. The applicants will also be required to provide their passport or a valid photo ID along with the social security number or evidence of their CVR.
  7. Permits are given at no cost.
  8. The process of processing your application can take as long as 3 weeks.

Required Documents For Bike Taxi Permit

  • Passport or valid photo ID
  • Social Security card or proof of CVR

Office Locations and Contacts

Technical and Environmental AdministrationCustomer Center
Njalsgade 13
2300 Kbenhavn S
Business Hours Monday-Friday from 1 pm until 3pm

Njalsgade 13
Postboks 457
1505 Kbenhavn VDenmark
Phone: +45 33 66 33 04

Hours of operation
Monday 10:00 until 15:00
Tuesday 10:00 until 15:00
Wednesday 10:00 – 15:00
Thursday 10:00 15:00
Thursday 10:00-15:00

What are all the Eligibility

It is required that the City of Copenhagen demands that the person applying is registered on the Danish database and has an obvious identity card.


You can obtain an authorization to provide the bike taxi service in Copenhagen for free.


Permits issued from the end of March are valid until the 14th day of April in the year following.

Make sure to check your permit for dates of validity. It is the responsibility of the owner.

Processing Time

Processing your application can take as long as 3 weeks.


Processing your application can take as long as 3 weeks for processing.

There are two kinds of permits that are issued by Copenhagen:

  • Red Zone, suitable for use in the city’s inner area and Langelinje
  • Blue Zone Valid for use throughout the remainder of the city

Red Zone permits are only granted once a period of time (in the month of March) and only handed only in a certain quantity. Permits that are due for renewal are prioritised. All permits that are not renewed will be announced on the internet.

If applicants do not receive an Red Zone permits will be placed on the waiting list.

The Blue Zone permits are available all through the year, without any restrictions.

Documentation is needed

This document explains how to apply for a bicycle taxi licence in Denmark.

Information that could be helpful

The process of picking up passengers:

Red Zone and on Langelinje The only exception is that you have to collect passengers at the locations designated by the municipality.

Blue Zone: You are allowed to select passengers from any location regardless of general traffic patterns and the surrounding area.

In all of the city, it is allowed to collect passengers who have requested the taxi service at a specific address. It is also permitted to pick up passengers from the sidewalk as you travel in the event that it is feasible with respect to traffic.

Be aware that you are not is it allowed to collect patrons from the cycle lane, or from the road.

Additionally, you aren’t allowed to take customers in situations that:

  • Instructs pedestrians to use the bike lane or roadway.
  • Blocks traffic flow or blocks access to restaurants, stores doors, windows for shops, entrances and more.
  • The obstruction of walking paths for those who are visually blind.

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