How to Apply for Car Dealer Certification In Jamaica

Apply for Car Dealer Certification In Jamaica By Online

Application In Person

  1. To apply for the Car dealer certification You must submit your application to Trade Board Limited (TBL). You can find the TBL contact information by clicking the TBL contact page.
  2. Get the application form to apply to get a certificate for an automobile dealership from TBL office. TBL offices or print the form via this application form for motor vehicle dealerships link.
  3. Complete the application form by reading it and filling it in accordance with the instructions and then prepare all required documents according to the final section of the form or according to the “Required Documents” section.
  4. Attach all documents supporting your application on the form. go to TBL office to submit your application. TBL office to complete your application.
  5. Pay the necessary fees to get the car dealer’s certification at the cashier. You will then receive the receipt for payment.
  6. Send the entire application along with the an acknowledgement of payment to the TBL Official at the TBL service desk.
  7. An TBL official will review your application and confirm that the application form has been completed in the manner required and that all required documents supporting the application are submitted.
  8. After confirmation After the verification, TBL officials will verify your application. TBL official will issue an acknowledgment receipt that contains the details of your application.
  9. Then , the application will be sent to the appropriate TBL agency for further review.
  10. The TBL will review your request and set a time to visit your premises.
  11. The day of the date that is scheduled at the time of the scheduled date, the TBL inspector will be visiting your place of business and examine it to determine whether it meets the standards for TBL physical condition. TBL physical conditions.
  12. If the inspection and conductivity is determined to be acceptable to the TBL standard requirements Your application will be approved and the dealership certificate is processed, and is available to you by the TBL.
  13. Go to the TBL office to collect your certificate.

Application Online

  1. In order to apply for car dealer Certification by submitting an online application, applicants need to apply using this application form. Jamaica Single Window for Trade (JSWIFT).Visit the JSWIFT website through this JSWIFT web link.
  2. On the website , click”LOGIN” on the website. Click “LOGIN” button beneath the bar of information to go to the sign-in page.
  3. You must enter in your “Username” along with your “Password” to login to your account if already have an account.
  4. If you don’t have an accountyet, click this link “New To JSWIFT? Register now” on the right-hand side in the tab for Sign-in and open the registration online form (You are able to refer to Wikiprocedure “Jamaica-How to Register on the Jamaica Single Window for Trade (JSWIFT) as an individual”).
  5. Once you have gotten access to your account login information, head to the login page of JSWIFT and type in the password and username in order to sign in to your account.
  6. After logging into your account, under the dashboard, click “License” and then proceed to applying at the dealer for your motor vehicle.
  7. Input the necessary general information first, and then enter the Item details. Attach all required documents.
  8. Go to the fee page and pay your application fee online through the system, and then complete your application.
  9. After the application has been submitted the application will be scrutinized electronically by an JSWIFT operator to verify that the online form is complete as it should be and it will assign the applicant an individual reference number.
  10. The application will be electronically sent to the appropriate certification officer in the Trade Board Limited (TBL) office.
  11. The officer will review the application to make sure that it is in compliance with the requirements of dealership certification for cars.
  12. The TBL will arrange an inspection at your facility and, at the time of the inspection an TBL inspector will carry out an inspection to ensure that your facilities conform to the requirements set for the dealership’s certification.
  13. If the inspection is completed and it is determined that the physical condition is acceptable After the inspection, the TBL will accept your request and issue the dealership’s certificate.
  14. License applications will be updated on JSWIFT when approved. You will receive notification of approval via your email address. A hard copy will also be mailed to you.
  15. Print the certificate, and then confirm it, then go to TBL’s Trade Board Limited (TBL) office to have the certificate authenticated.
  16. The certificate should be submitted to the officer in charge of certificates at the TLB and they will authenticate the certificate stamping and signing it, before returning it to you.
Please note that if your application is not accepted and you are notified, you will receive an acknowledgement of the rejection. In addition, if you are required to revise the application to be considered for processing, you will be informed of the requirements to fulfill in order for the application to be submitted.

Required Documents For Apply for Car Dealer Certification

  • Fill out the application form. 
  • Copy of the incorporation document and memorandum or the article or certification of incorporation.
  • Copy of Business name registration certificate (sole trader/proprietorship).
  • Copy of the current Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC).
  • A copy of the Tax Registration Number (TRN) of the business.
  • Copy of the TRN of every manager and director when the manager isn’t listed as director.
  • Copy of lease or rental agreement in the event that the premises being used for business are leased or rented.
  • Copy of the most recent property tax receipt if operation is controlled by directors.
  • A valid work permit is required when directors are foreign citizens.
  • A copy of a contract between the exclusive dealer in the local area and the manufacturer in overseas to permit dealers to be certified as importers of brand new motor cars (franchise dealers).
  • National planning agency certification.
  • Approval of payment receipt.
  • A copy of the contract between the dealer and the entity that provides services and/or spare parts (Where it is applicable).
  • A copy of the registration document as well as TCC for the contracted entity. Signed by the director or manager and with the seal of the company attached.

Office Locations and Contacts

Trade Board LTD The Trade Board LTD
Address 10, Floor, Air Jamaica Building 72 Harbour Street Kingston
Tel: (876)-967-0507 Toll-Free (Jamaica Only):1-888-367-8247
Fax number: (876)-948-5441 or (876)-948-7486
Supporting Documents Email:
Contact contact details link
Website link
The hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 9 am to 3:00 pm Friday 9:00 AM – 2:00 3:00

Jamaica One Window for Trade (JSWIFT)
Address Myer’s Wharf, Newport East, Kingston 15
Telephone: 876-922-750-3050; 876-750-3096; 876-750-30977
Email: and
Website link


Both companies and individuals are qualified to apply.


The fee for application is JMD 104,850. This includes the General Consumption Tax (GCT).

Documents to Utilize

Application form

Processing Time

The time required to process an application is dependent on the processing that takes place at the TBL.


To apply online for online applications, the TCC is not required to apply for Entity Chief Registration , and it is not necessary to provide duplicates of your TCC ID, TCC, TRN. All data entered is verified by the JSWIFT system against the Tax Administration Jamaica or Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ) database.

The Information You Need

  • Company TRN.
  • Registration number of the company.
  • The dealership’s registered name is.
  • The type of company.
  • Types of Motor Vehicles that are imported.
  • Details of the registered business.
  • Manager information.
  • Director information.
  • Declaration.

The Document is required

The certificate of a car dealer proves the fact that you’re a licensed auto dealer, as required by law.

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