How to Apply for Certificate of Fitness for Vehicles In Jamaica

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  1. For an application for a Motor Vehicle Fitness Certificate, you must go to the Inland Traffic Authority (ITA) Depot and take the fitness test for your vehicle. Check out and review the Inland Traffic Authority contact details via this link: Link
  2. The first step is to pay your Certificate of Fitness costs to your automobile in the person in the Tax Administration Jamaica office (Tax office) or online via the TAJ portal for e-services. The wikiprocedure can be consulted: “Jamaica-How to Pay for the Motor Vehicle Certificate of Fitness Online” to see the entire procedure for payment of the certificate on the internet.
  3. After payment, visit after payment, go to the Inland Traffic Authority with your vehicle and all necessary documents
  4. Show all your documentation to an officer in the service counter, including the receipt for payment.
  5. The officer will confirm your documents and guide your vehicle to an exam section.
  6. Your vehicle will then be put through a string of tests it must meet in order to be considered to be in good condition.
  7. If your vehicle has passed all fitness tests and the inspector is satisfied the vehicle is in fact fit, they will fill out an exercise report, and suggest the certification to be issued to you.
  8. The Inland Traffic Authority will process and issue the certification of fitness for your motor vehicle.

Required Documents For  Apply for Certificate of Fitness for Vehicles

  • Registration of vehicles
  • Driver’s license
  • Reception of payment

Office Locations and Contacts

Inland Traffic Authority
Address: 145 Maxfield Ave, Kingston 10
Tel: (876) 754-2814 / 754-2816
Contact details:Link

Tax Administration Jamaica – Head Office
PCJ Bldg. 36 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 5
Tel: 922-5905
Fax: 754-9593
Customer Service Centre 1-888-2-Tax (829-4357)
Website: Link

Tax Administration Jamaica Business Office – Oxford Road
NCB Towers, 6th & 9th Floor, North Towers
2. Oxford Road Kingston 5
Tel: 920-2310/920-2906
Fax: 929-7496

Tax Administration Jamaica Business Office Ocean Boulevard.
Office Centre Bldg. 12 Ocean Boulevard. Kingston
Tel: 967-0000 Digicel: 619-1112
Fax: 948-0374

Tax Administration Jamaica Business Office – East Street
East Street, Kingston. East Street, Kingston
Tel: 922-3470Fax: 967-4750
Contact information for all offices: Link


  • All vehicles that are registered in Jamaica need to be inspected to determine to determine if they are safe to be utilized on Jamaican roads.


  • The fee for fitness certificates is based on the model of your vehicle and is paid when you pay for the fee.


  • It is valid for 6 month for public service vehicles, and 12 months for private vehicles.

Processing Time

  • Within a single day


  • Receiving the payment receipt does not mean you have already received the fitness certification Please take the time to process and receive the fitness certificate you actually need after having paid for it.

The Information You Need

  • Names
  • Contact details
  • Payment details
  • Vehicle details

The Document is required

  • A certificate of conformity confirms that your car has been certified fit for use in Jamaica

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