How to Apply for Change in Professional Auxiliary Staff In Uganda

Apply for Change in Professional Auxiliary Staff In Uganda By Online

  1. Any applicant who wishes to change the Auxiliary professional staff must make their request in writing and get approval in writing prior the relocation from the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda.
  2. The application form should be accompanied by a committed letter(s) by the Pharmacists or Key Personnel (for this industry) as well as the Professional Auxiliary staff with the countersigned commitment letter from the chief executive or the person in charge of the company.
  3. Complete the application form according to the instructions provided from the Pharmaceutical society in Uganda.
  4. After filling out the form, proceed to pay the fee of 50,000 Ugshs.
  5. Complete the duly filled-in form along with the payment slips to pharmacist in charge of supervising the pharmacy. officer who is in charge of the Unit where the pharmacy is located.
  6. The pharmacist in charge of supervision must make an agreement in writing that outlines the names and qualifications of the professional auxiliary staff who intend to switch to the one Pharmacy to another and to one of National drug Authority.
    • This is the duty of the supervisory pharmacist to make sure that the commitment letter is sent at the National Drug Authority.
    • Professional auxiliary staff looking to relocate should have an active license.
  7. After receiving a filled out application form for authorization for a Change in Professional Auxiliary Staff You must pick the permission letter from the place where the application was made within 30 days of the date that the application was accepted by National Drug Authority in case there isn’t a rejection.

Required Documents For Apply for Change in Professional Auxiliary Staff

  1. Completed application form to transfer to Professional Auxiliary Staff.
  2. Proof of payment for charges.
  3. The professional qualifications of Auxiliary personnel.
  4. Certifiable authentic copies of academic transcripts and transcripts.
  5. A recent passport size photograph.
  6. The ID of the workplace should be included.
  7. The evidence suggests that one directors of the company is pharmacist.
  8. The certificate must be certified as a copy of registration issued by the supervisory pharmacist.
  9. Letters of commitment from the supervising pharmacist and the professional auxiliary staff.
  10. Certificate copy of a valid certificate of registration/enrollment with the relevant professional body for the professional auxiliary.
  11. For wholesale or retail pharmacies (veterinary) an original certification from a qualified vet profession.

Office Locations and Contacts

National Drug Authority Secretariat office
Plot No. 19 Rumee Towers, Lumumba Avenue,
P.O. Box 23096 Kampala, Uganda.
Tel: +256-414-255665, +256-414-347391/2
Fax :(256) 41-255758
Site: National Drug Authority

The Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda,
Pharmacy House
Plot 1847. Kyambogo, Banda.
P.O. Box 377 Kampala, Uganda.
Tel: 256-414-348-796
Website:Pharmaceutical society of Uganda


  • The pharmacy’s auxiliary staff should include:Dispenser (Pharmacy technician) and enrolled nurse. full-time nurse.
  • Anyone who is a Professional Auxiliary employee with a the data base identification number and who is interested in switching between pharmacies during the license period via an organization like the Council of Pharmaceutical society of Uganda is eligible to apply for this Letter of Permission.
  • However, psychiatric nurses are not eligible , unless those who completed training with the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda training or have a Data Base ID number (DIN number) or have worked in an Pharmacy prior to the issuance this directive back in 2013.


Fees Cost for 50000Ugs


Validity: The Professional Auxiliary personnel can be used for prolonged duration and requires the right to switch jobs.

Processing Time

Maximum processing time is 30 days.


Professional Auxiliary personnel who wish to switch jobs during the time of the year has to inform to the Council of pharmaceutical association of Uganda.

The Information You Need

  1. Name and qualifications of the professionals Auxiliary personnel.
  2. Place of work Identification card.
  3. Sex
  4. Nation
  5. Recent passport size photograph
  6. Education background
  7. Specialty
  8. Job title
  9. Identification Number for Data Base (DIN Number)
  10. Qualification Certificate Number
  11. Exam Year
  12. Schools
  13. Time to go to work
  14. Practice Spaces
  15. Practitioners category
  16. Name of the Professional Auxiliary Staff
  17. Phone
  18. Mailing Address
  19. Zip Code
  20. Practitioners Pharmacist Registration Agency Examine Opinion

Information that could be helpful

The staff of the pharmacy Auxiliary department must comprise of dispenser (Pharmacy technician) and enrolled nurse. complete nurse. The other categories have been justified, and endorsed.

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