How to Apply for Change of Location of a School In Uganda

Apply for Change of Location of a School In Uganda By Online

  • A school is registered, licensed and classified under a particular location and name (Section 32(2) of the Education (Pre- Primary, Primary and Post- Primary) Act 2008. (PrePrimary, Primary and Post Primary, Primary and Post Primary) Primary) Act 2008). This site is the location of the title and tenancy agreement.
  1. Every school owner who would like to change the location the school must be approved by the Town Clerk/PS/ES/CAO/Town prior to the time that the school’s location is changed.
    • The school’s owner who wants to move the location of their school must apply to the the PS/ES or the CAO/Town Clerk, and include the following documents details:
      • District Inspector of Schools”report;
      • District Health Inspector’s Report;
      • DES”report” of the new site and its location;
  2. Any school owner who makes a change in place of business without prior approval from the PS/ES or the CAO/Town Clerk can result in the closure of the school and the immediate denial from the registration certificate(Section 37 (2) of the Education -(Pre-Primary, Primary and Post-Primary)Act 2008)
  3. Once you have completed the form, complete the form and pay the fee as per the form. Pay attention that payments can be made with cash, cheque or credit card i.e. Visa or MasterCard and if you’re making a cheque payment, please pay an Accountant General from the Ministry of Education and Sports.
  4. The department concerned will review the application and will then accept the application form.
  5. The application will then be completed and an official certificate will be issued to you.
    • All of the above processes must be accompanied by proof of suitability for the area in line to the laws applicable therein.

Notification:Change of location should be completed at the end each school term in order to not disrupt the learning and teaching process.

Required Documents For Apply for Change of Location of a School

  • Copy of license letters.
  • The original registration certificate of the school.
  • Minutes from the BOG or the BOG approving and/or suggesting the school’s location change and stating the reasons for the decision.
  • It is the District Inspector of Schools’ report describing the state of the new school’s location.
  • This is the District Health report showing the state of health at the new location.
  • The District Education Service Report showing the new location of the site.
  • The Directors list of the school as well as their qualifications.
  • Status of the rooms for classes for the new website.
  • Furniture numbers in classrooms.
  • The list includes graduate teacher and the qualifications they have (registration certificates) academic and professional documents, appointments agreements and letters at this point, as along with the their subjects of instruction.
  • The land title/tenancy agreement is for the site that is being developed.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Education and Sports Headquarters.Plot 35 Kampala Road, King George way IV
Embassy House and Legacy Tower Block A and B Kyadondo2 Road.
P.O.Box 7063 Kampala, Uganda.
Web site: Ministry of Education and sports


Any school that is registered in the Ministry of Education and sports that wishes to relocate is qualified.


The issue of the certificate will be contingent on the payment of a fee.


A certificate issued pursuant to the Act has validity for very long period of time.

Processing Time

Maximum processing Time 5 days.

Requirements Information

  • Application form
  • Laboratory tests approved for approval
  • Information about the applicant
  • Specifics about the school
  • Capital cost
  • Information about business
  • Details of the staff composition
  • Copy of the site plan.
  • Expected annual income
  • The source of income.
  • Copy of the appropriate play/sports ground.

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