How To Apply for Chinese Green Card In China

How To Apply for Chinese Green Card In China

How do I apply for the certificate?

  • Send an application to public security department in the People’s Government at the city or County office or branch of the security bureau of a municipal that is directly under central authority that is responsible for the community in which the applicant’s principal home or investment,
  • Make sure you submit the required application documents.
  • The security agency of the public must examine and verify the qualifications of the applicant in accordance with the specific requirements.
  • The local department will then submit its application form to Ministry of Public Security for exam and approval.
  • The ministry will decide whether or not to accept or deny the application for permanent residence within six months after having received the form.
  • After approval by the Ministry of Public Security, the applicant will be issued the Foreigner Permanent Residence Permit through the Ministry of Public Security.

and to applicants from who are not from China

  • A Foreigner Permanent Resident Confirmation Letter will be granted through the Ministry of Public Security, in which case they are able to seek D Visas at an Chinese consulate or embassy abroad and then receive foreigner permanent residence permits issued by the security agency of the public that manages applicants within 30 days from their entry into China.
  • For those who have the resettlement prior to it as well as permanent residence certificate you can visit the Entry-Exit Administration of the Public Security Bureau to change to a fresh green cards.

Documents that are required Chinese Green Card

  • Passport Valid or equivalent
  • Health certificates issued at the state level
  • Evidence of no criminal convictions through China consulates or embassies
  • Two passport photos, no hat
  • Other relevant credentials, if needed.

Office Locations and Contacts

Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau (?????? )Address: 9 Dong Dajie, Dongcheng district, Beijing
????????9?????? ?
Contact: 010-8522-5050,
The hours are Mon-Sat from 9am to 5 9 pm

Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau (??????)
Address: 200 Qiyi Lu, Yuexiu district, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
????????????200?????? ?
Contact: 020-8311-6688,
Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 am-5:30 midnight; Sat, 8:30 am-12 noon

Shanghai Public Security Bureau (??????)
Address address: Address: Fuzhou Lu, Huangpu district, Shanghai
?????????185?????? ?
Contact: 021-6231-0110,
Time: Mon-Sat from 9am to 5 9 pm

Shenzhen Public Security Bureau (??????)
Address: 4018 Jiefang Lu, Luohu district, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province
????????????4018?????? ?
Contact: 0755-8446-3999,
Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-12 noon; 2pm-6pm; Sat, 9am-11am, 3pm-4:30pm

What Are All The Eligibility

According to Chinese regulations, foreigners who have the right to reside permanently in China will be issued the certificate of identity often referred to as”Green Card. “Green Card.”


  • The cost for the new green card certificate is $300 yuan , or around 36 dollars.
  • The cost for an upgrade to a credit card is 1500 yuan which is around 180 dollars.




In order to be eligible to be eligible for Green card eligibility, you must meet the following requirements: Green Card, you have meet at least some of the conditions:

  • You can be a top-level foreign expert with a position in a company that promotes China’s scientific, technological, and economic technological advancement or progress in society.
  • They have made significant contributions or have a special significance to China.
  • We have made an investment direct that exceeds 500 000 US dollars into China.
  • Visit China to be with your familymembers, like husband and wife minors who are dependent upon their parents and seniors who are dependent on their family members.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the person who is applying
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Address
  • Contact details

Documentation is needed

The green card is granted to foreigners who wish to reside in China for the duration of their stay. Foreigners who are interested in applying for the card should follow the Chinese laws, be in good health and not have any criminal record. In addition they should meet one of the requirements below.

Information that can be useful

  • In Beijing in Beijing “Green Card” applications will be accepted at Beijing’s Entry-Exit Administration of the Public Security Bureau. There are three ways to reach the office:
  • First, via Taxi and the office’s name was “Beijing Shi Chu Ru Guan Li Chu,” (?????????) and is located in towards the west from Yonghe Gong.
  • Second, take the subway, stop at Yonghe Gong, and take the B exit of the station. The building is situated about 300m from the train station to its east.
  • Thirdly, you should take your map and go for a drive, cycle on a skateboard, walk, or pogo. I’m sure it’s easy to locate this location since it’s also the Visa office, which means you’ve likely visited before.
  • II Time
  • The agency is open Monday through Saturday, from between 8:30 and 12:00 in the morning and 13:00-17:00 in the afternoon.
  • A Saturday is not an ideal time to choose. When I visited an office weekend, and the office manager told me that they’re very active on Saturdaies and don’t have time to address questions.
  • III The third, but certainly not the last but certainly not the least
  • Bring with you a Chinese companion or an interpreter along with you. Of course, I’m sure the quality of your Chinese is adequate however, as that the English translation of this regulations is being worked on , it is best to have a friend assist in translating the meaning of certain article.

Other uses for the document/certificate

If you have The Green Card, You can

  • Stay within China for an indefinite period of duration
  • Enter and leave the country using a authentic passport, along with the Foreigner Permanent Residence Permit without the need for visas
  • Make use of your Greencard as your sole legal document throughout your stay in China.
  • Have a card that is better as a resettlement card, or permanent residence certificate.

But, you shouldn’t:

  • Threaten national security and security interests
  • To be sentenced to exile of China in the People’s Court
  • Permanent resident status in China through fraud
  • There is no proof of residence in China for not more than the prescribed number of years

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