How To Apply for Commercial Pilot License In China

How To Apply for Commercial Pilot License In China

The CCAR-61 part 61.31 license applications, licensing and rating and their approvals.

If you comply with the specific conditions for the applicant. you may specify your jurisdiction with the Regional Administration of Civil Aviation of China Civil Aviation Administration to submit an application for a permit to file a formal application for a grade or permit according to the regulations, and pay the appropriate costs.

  • At the point of submitting your application should be able to submit the following documents:
  • identification;
  • evidence of qualification;
  • the theory exam certification;
  • medical clearance
  • Original license (if needed);
  • Record book of flight experiences (if needed);
  • Practice exams for compliance certification (if necessary);
  • to make a decision according to the section 61.91 of the Military Aviation Pilots are qualified personnel. They should be also submitted Military Aviation Technical Archives has an experienced record of proof.

The acceptance of the application review, acceptance, and authorizes

  • must notify the applicant that the content that is to be added when the application materials are insufficient or do not comply with the format specified from the Civil Aviation Authority region five working days following receipt of a one-time written application. Any notice received after the deadline is deemed to be to be received on the date that the application. The applicant must submit all the documents that are submitted by an applicant conformity with the correction notice Regional Administration of the Civil Aviation Authority will take into consideration the area of application. Regional Administration inadmissible application, they will inform that the person applying in writing.
  • The Regional Administration accepts the application and accepts the application, it will take 20 working days for the examination of the application documents. When the request of the Regional Administration of the application materials to confirm the content of the rules of this regulation in line with applicable requirements, the applicant must promptly respond to questions asked to the Authority. The reason for the applicant’s delay is not delayed because of the time required to answer questions. Questions cannot be credited to the period preceding 20 days.
  • Regional Administration deems that the applicant is in compliance with the applicable provisions of this rule and is issued an individual pilot license commercial pilot license or Temporary airline pilot license and Flight Instructor temporary certificate ground instructor’s provisional license, CCAR 121 Class II or Class III Instrument Operations Department permit to operate outside, or a student pilot license. After an exam that is not in compliance with the requirements set forth within the request for the privilege to issue a license to operate the license and also to refuse notice to that the applicant. Regional Administration before making the above decision, it will notify the applicant of the right to file for reconsideration of administrative decision or apply for administrative litigation rights for applicants.

Documents that are required Commercial Pilot License

  • Identification
  • The proof of qualifications
  • The theoretical exam certificate
  • Medical clearance
  • Original license (if needed)
  • Book of record for flight experiences (if required)
  • Practice exams for compliance certification (if required)
  • In conformity with Section 61.91 of the military pilots’ manual, trained personnel must be also submitted Military Aviation Technical Archives has an extensive record of record-keeping experience.

Office Locations and Contacts

CAAC Flight Standards Division General Flight Standards Office: Dong Si 155 West Main Street
Zip: 100710
Tel: 010-64091453

North Administration Flight Standards Service:
Beijing Capital International Airport
Postcode: 100621
Telephone: 010-64594950

East China Administration Flight Standards Service:
Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
Postcode: 200335
Telephone: 021-51128313

South Africa Administration Flight Standards Service:
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Postcode: 510406
Telephone: 020-86130842

Southwest Administration Flight Standards Service:
Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
Postcode: 610202
Telephone: 028-85702489

Northwest Administration Flight Standards Service:
Labor Xi’an Road No. 207
Zip: 710082
Tel: 029-88791283

Northeast Administration Flight Standards Service:
Dadong xiaoheyan Road,
Zip code: 110043
Tel: 024-88293739

Xinjiang Administration Flight Standards Service:
Urumqi Welcome Road 46
Zip: 830016
Tel: 0991-3801187

What Are All The Eligibility

If applicants have met the requirements listed below that the Council may approve their commercial pilot license

  • Age 18;
  • are morally upright;
  • be capable of listening, reading and writing Chinese and had no impact on the two-way radio conversation accent and stammering. If applicants are unable to satisfy certain conditions and the Council must limit the necessary endorsements to their licenses;
  • You must attend a high school, secondary school or higher.
  • The Council issuing an authentic Class I health certificate.
  • to complete the requirements of the requirements of Rule 61.155 aircraft-specific aeronautical training, which includes giving self-assessment or instruction to their instructor of the situation who is and authorized to sign the record of their flight record, in order to demonstrate that the applicant is able to take part in the in the prescribed theory test;
  • The rules of the test for aeronautical knowledge specifications;
  • the successful completion of the requirements for aircraft grades of the Rule 61.157 flying proficiency by providing a training instructor’s an authorization document during the flight, and signing this document proving that the applicant has the ability to sit for the examinations for practice;
  • Practice exams prior to applying take the practice exams, and then make an application to the level of aviation flying experience requirements;
  • as required by the Rules of Practice Exam flying skills section 61.157;
  • holders granted according to this rule, at a minimum, the private pilot’s licence, or satisfy the requirements of Rule 61.91;
  • conform to the rules of the applicable requirements of the applicable classification and category of the application requirements.


Charges were based upon documents, refer to the 16th January 2004, NDRC Price [2004 No. 90 “the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance issued a civil aviation administrative fees in the system” In the case of 100 yuan for each person the theory test; Practice 500 yuan for each test and apply for temporary licenses each five yuan per individual to obtain a permanent license at 10 yuan.

Documents to Utilize

Applications in order to obtain a Civil Aircraft Pilot License and or Rating


Pilot’s license applicants must fulfill one of these conditions:

Graduates who have been approved by the Director in the Pilot Program.

Candidates have the following documents:

  • Day and night, using the astronomical observation along with other instruments to establish the exact position of the aircraft for at most 25 occasions using different astronomical observations
  • the flight path which includes astronomical navigation pilotage, and dead reckoning radio. It takes the duration of at most two hours which includes 50 hours nighttime. 5 hours of flight routes have already been completed (of which at most one hour at night) Drivers can say that does not exceed one hour of experience in air navigation.
  • Pilot training has been conducted remotely. training that focuses on the time taken by pilots to fly and dead reckoning with astronomy and is deemed to under the second paragraph (a) meet the requirements of experience as a pilot. These experiences should be documented by the pilot’s flight and by the military or air carriers with certificates who are of the official record. You can also by holding a certificate of teaching that is signed by the instructor of the pilot to verify the experience are documented. The evidence should be attached in the form of an application.

Requirements Information

  • Name
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • The place of birth
  • Telephone
  • Zip Code
  • Mailing Address
  • Service Organization
  • Permanent Address
  • Photo
  • Type of ID Document
  • ID Document Number.
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Record of the Pilot’s Time

The Document is required Commercial Pilot License

Commercial pilot licence (CPL) can be described as a certificate which permits the holder be a pilot on an aircraft, and to be compensated for the work they perform.

Information that could be helpful

  • When the Administrator has approved the application The applicant can be granted the proper licence or rating. Awarded aircraft category, level, typed or any other rating endorsement from the Council on the license of the applicant.
  • because of flight training or the practice tests that are part of the characteristics of the aircraft due to flight training or practice exams, the applicant fails to finish the driver’s operator’s action due to flight training or practice exams, and thus does not meet the requirements of flying skills, however, if the license or rating is was used to satisfy any other requirements, the Administrator can issue an endorsement license or a restricted rating.

There are specific restrictions for (d) medical certificates. (d) medical document that is held by the applicant. The certificate is subject to the appropriate restrictions in order in order to use the rights granted through the licence.

  • The first time meter runs are permitted. Class? issued license,




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