How to Apply for Container Petroleum Spirit License In Uganda

Apply for Container Petroleum Spirit License In Uganda By Yourself

  1. Application for a container petroleum spirit License is made to store petroleum spirit in containers with an individual capacity of not more than fifty gallons. It is completed in person, by visiting the minister of energy and mineral development.Visit their website at the following Link
    • The Petroleum (Spirit) (Licensing, testing and Possession) Rules states that, subject to the Rules the petroleum spirit must not be stored until a license is in effect under the provisions of the Rules which permit the keeping of the spirit of petroleum and the spirit of petroleum is maintained in accordance to the terms that are stipulated in the licence.
  2. You will be provided with an application form for an oil container license for the storage in gallons of gasoline spirit to fill out and submit.
  3. Complete the necessary details accurately and attach the relevant supporting documents.
  4. Complete the application form and pay the application fee of Rs. The receipt should be submitted as evidence of payment.
  5. This is followed by a verification of the storage container for petroleum spirit by the Licensing Officer from the licensing Authority.
  6. Based on the results that are derived from this investigation can be submitted in the direction of the Ministry of energy and mineral development for final approval.
  7. At this moment, the applicant will be notified if they have been approved by the licensing authority or if adjustments must be completed in order to allow storage in containers of petroleum being licensed.
  8. After a successful approval The applicant is then notified and obliged to submit the cost in full to the licensing Authority and then submit the receipt as evidence of payment.
  9. When the licensing procedure is completed and the licensed authority approves,, an oil-based container license is given to the applicant following 7 days from the date of the submission.

Note1 If the descriptions, plans or other information provided in the Rules show that the method of storage for the oil spirit suggested by an applicant to obtain license isn’t safe and suitable, the authority could not grant applicants a licence until the disagreements are addressed by the person applying for the license. Note 2 The licensing authority is empowered to issue licenses under the following Rules:

  • in the event of licensed premises within a municipality the municipal council
  • for the case of licensed establishments in towns and the town council and
  • In any other situation or other way, the administration of the district.

Required Documents For Apply for Container Petroleum Spirit License

  • An application form that is completed and signed is required in order to obtain the container petroleum spirit license.
  • A permit for storage in containers of petroleum spirit must be in the correct place.
  • The location where the storage container for petroleum is situated is essential to obtain this license .
  • A proof of the payment of the fees for storage of containers of petroleum must be made available.
  • Any other conditions that could be set by the licensing authority from time to time.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development
Phone: +256 414 320714
Physical address: Plot 21-29 Johnston Road
Mailing Address P.O. Box 9, Entebbe, Uganda
Email Address:,
Operating hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm (excluding public holidays and weekends)


  • Anyone who applies for one of the containers for petroleum spirit operating licences mentioned above is a corporation.
  • A company has been legally registered by Uganda.


  • The License costs for this kind of License is USh. 207,490


  • The period of validity for the Container Petroleum Spirit License is one year prior to renewal.

Processing Time

  • The maximum processing time that is required by this license is 7 days.


  • All applicants who want to keep petroleum spirits in a container tank have to sign up with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development and be acquainted with the rules for the storage of petroleum spirit in containers in Uganda

The Information You Need

  • Name, address and nationality of the applicant. (If you are a body corporate, please include the name of the corporation, its registered office address, and the place where it was formed).
  • Tax Identification Number/VAT Registration Certificate.
  • Corporate status of ownership (sole proprietorship,partnership,unincorporated business, incorporated private/public company,association or a co-operative)
  • In the event that the corporation is formed outside of Uganda the proof of establishment of the business location in Uganda and the registration of the company as a foreign one as per.
  • The proposed location for the project(District, county, sub county, parish and village)
  • Dimension of Plot (in Hectares)on that the structure will be built.
  • Date for the start of construction.
  • Estimated date for completion of the project.
  • Name,address and qualifications of the potential principle contractors and supervisors to be employed for the project or company to undertake the construction/modification.
  • The proof or the commitment of insurance to protect against third party liability, and other construction liability.
  • A description of the plan as well as the amount of investment capital that is supported by the Bank Reference Letter.
  • Description of safety plans, equipment, and plans for protecting occupational health, safety in the workplace and the environment in regular construction, as well as contingency plans for accidents natural disasters, and emergencies.
  • Additional information pertinent to this application

The Document is required

  • The document permits the person to use the petroleum spirit in line to the terms set out in the permit.
  • The person should not keep petroleum spirit unless they have approval from the commissioner for petroleum.

Information that can be useful

Each license will enter in force at the time of its expiration or renewal as specified in the license and will expire in the event that it is not earlier cancelled under the Rules on 31st day of December the following on the day that is specified.

  • The fee will be payable an authority for licensing in line to the amount that is set out the Rules

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