How to Apply For Credit Reference Bureau Licence In Uganda

Apply For Credit Reference Bureau Licence In Uganda By Yourself

The Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) is a company licensed to collect and compile information about credit scores of business and individuals from various sources and to provide the information on request, mostly by credit companies as the credit report.

Apply in the Person

  1. Choose a name that is suitable at the Registrar of Companies and write to the Central Bank to seek approval for the name.
  2. A search and reservation can take one day to complete , and there is a cost of Ugsh.10,000 is paid for the procedure.
  3. Once your name is accepted from Central Bank Central Bank, you should begin to form the company as a limited liability one by registering it with an official named the Registrar of Companies.
  4. To apply for an Credit Reference Bureau License, applicants need to completely fill out and submit the required Application for a License to the Carry Out Bureau Business form.
  5. The form is available via download from Central Bank’s Website.
  6. After filling in the application form you must submit it to:
    • Director,
    • Bank Supervision Department,
    • Central Bank of Uganda.
  7. It is mandatory to fill out the application form and submit all the documents required and the prescribed application fee. They include:
    • Accurate certified copies of applicants’ certificates of incorporation as well as the Memorandum as well as The Articles of Association.
    • A feasibility study conducted by the applicant, highlighting the purpose of the proposed organization, the structure of the business internal control systems, and management procedures of the business.
    • Completed Fit with Proper forms for directors or senior officers, as well as significant shareholders. The forms are available for download on this website. BanK Uganda website: Bank of Uganda
    • The sworn declarations of directors, officers, and other significant shareholders, using the forms set by the Second Schedule to the Banking (Credit Reference Bureau) Regulations 2013,
    • Management processes include the software that is required to operate along with the specifics of services and products to be made available to subscribers, policies for service and manuals for procedures, as well as the safeguards and controls for stopping misuse or mismanagement of data.
    • Overview of operations that includes the descriptions of the systems and the structure of data collection. This includes the distinctive identification method used by companies and individuals that can be used to facilitate the process of collecting data and processing of the database.
    • The description should include the proposed premises, and the suitability of their location to provide customer service, as well as a details of security procedures that will be taken.
    • The proposed charges and cost structure of the products and services.
    • Audited financial statements for the past three years, if applicable.
    • A model that is a model of what will be the finished product illustrates the key characteristics and capabilities that the product will perform.
    • A banker’s draft of Ugsh. 2000,000. payable to Central Bank of Kenya, as the non-refundable processing fee for applications.
  8. Inspections by the Central Bank’s inspectors conduct a thorough analysis of the contents of all documents submitted for the purpose of ensuring compliance with regulations, its relevance and the scope.
  9. After meeting these requirements If the applicant meets all of the above requirements, after meeting the above requirements, Central Bank will grant the applicant an intent letter (approval of the principle).
  10. The acceptance in principle signifies the Central Bank’s intent to issue a license to the applicant after satisfying the pre-licensing and licensing requirements in force.
  11. After obtaining the initial approval the applicant is able to begin to search for facilities, Information Technology Systems and hire staff to be a part of the CRB.
  12. When the applicant is satisfied with their facilities in place and Information Technology systems, they must request an audit of security conducted by an audit company that is registered and independent that has the approval from BanK of Uganda, and send the report of security audit for approval to Bank of Uganda.
  13. The report of the security audit will provide an expert assessment of the quality of the building, the adequacy of management’s information system and any other pertinent aspects.
  14. When an audit of security has been sent into Bank of Uganda, the applicant should submit the report to Bank of Uganda, the applicant should request the Bank of Uganda to conduct an inspection to assess the sufficiency of the security and safety measures.
  15. If the inspection is acceptable If the inspection is acceptable, The Bank of Uganda shall notify the applicant to provide Central Bank: Central Bank:
  16. If the applicant is able to satisfy the above requirements by the applicant after the applicant has met all of these requirements, Bank of Uganda will then issue a license to the applicant. It will then issue an advertisement within the Uganda Gazette to formally license the credit reference bureau.
  17. The newly-licensed credit reference bureau could later open its doors to members.
  18. Within 30 days after receiving the license the recently licensed credit reference bureau has to provide at least to Central Bank Central Bank an irrevocable bank assurance for 100,000 shillings (Ugsh. 1,000,000) in a format that is acceptable for the Central Bank.

Required Documents For Apply For Credit Reference Bureau Licence

  1. An incorporation certificate as well as an article and memorandum issued by Uganda Registration Services Bureau.
  2. Documents proving the propriety rights and the value of capital contributions to tangible assets, in the event that it is applicable.
  3. A feasibility study is conducted by the company that is applying for the grant, revealing the structure of the proposed organization structure of the business and internal control procedures of the business.
  4. The sworn statements of directors or managers, as well as shareholders, stating the respective liabilities and assets, as well as their income and expenditure.
  5. A prototype is submitted of the product to be produced to ensure that the data is supplied.

Office Locations and Contacts 

Bank of Uganda
P.O Box 7120, Kampala, Uganda
Phone: +256 414 259090,
+256 417 302000, +256 312 392000
Headquarters, Plot 37/45 Kampala Road
Contact Email:
Site: Bank of Uganda


  • Anyone can submit an application to start an Credit Reference Bureau.
  • This application permits a person to run an Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) in Uganda.
  • In Uganda nobody is allowed to operate a CRB until they are approved from Central Bank of Uganda. Central Bank of Uganda.


  • Name a search, and the cost of reservation is Ugsh.10,000
  • Application Fees 2,000,000 UgShs.
  • License Fee 1,000,000 UgShs.
  • Renewal Fee 1,000,000 UgShs


  • The duration of validity is one year.
  • A license issued pursuant to this section be valid, unless earlier cancelled, and expire on December 31st following that date.

Documents to Use 

Schedule I
The Regulation 7(2)(b)
Information Sheet for details of applicants, promoters, proposed directors and officers

  1. Name: ___________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________
  2. Previous name(s)(if any) for which the applicant was recognized:
    ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________
  3. .Any name that the applicant plans to use in connection with or for any business operated by it, and includes any name the applicant uses or is required to reveal in connection to any business conducted through it pursuant to the Business Names Registration Act (Cap.109 Laws of Uganda)
  4. Principal business activities: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. Head/main office: ____________________________________________________________________________

    (a)Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
    (b)Telephone No: _______________________________________________________________

Processing Time 

Maximum Processing Time: 3 Months.


  • For the purpose of renewing your license, please fill out the completed form at the Bank of Uganda
  • To apply for a license renewal, applicants are required to obtain approval by Central Bank of Uganda. Central Bank of Uganda and afterward, they will be informed of the required documents to submit along with the filled out form.
  • If you meet all the conditions and paying the applicable licensing fees , the applicant will receive the license.
  • Any information given will be considered to be private.

Required Information

  • Name of the applicant
  • Headoffice/ Main office
  • Addresses of the physical and postal addresses of the head office/ new outlet
  • Date of incorporation
  • Form of incorporation
  • Description of the activities or business
  • Certificate of incorporation number
  • Details of affiliates and subsidiaries (Name of Outlet County Street, City/Town Building, date of opening)
  • Details of shareholder details (Name, Nationality, Date of acquisition, amount of shareholding, % shares held)
  • Information about directorships (Name, Nationality Date of appointment Educational level)
  • Particulars of officers, in rank of their seniority (Name Designation, Name, Nationality Date of appointment)
  • Ownership profiles
  • The shareholding of another financial institution
  • Name of the applicant’s external auditors
  • Declaration


Document is required

  • The license allows the holder to run the operation of a Credit Reference Bureau in Uganda.
  • Anyone who runs an Credit Reference Bureau without a valid license is guilty of an offense and will, upon conviction, be subject to an amount not exceeding one hundred points of currency or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding 3 years or both.

Information that might be useful 

  • The Financial Institutions (Credit Reference Bureaus) Regulations, 2005) of the Banking Act, mandates the Central Bank to licence and supervise credit reference bureaus (CRB).
  • The Credit Reference Bureau Regulations, 2005, regulate the operating, licensing, and oversight of CRBs by Central Bank of Uganda. Central Bank of Uganda

Benefits for the customer

  • A credit report can make it easier for loyal customers to distinguish themselves from defaulters, and thus gaining favorable terms for loans.
  • Financial institutions have access online to credit reports compiled by CRBs. This results in less paper work for the client and quicker approval of loan applications.
  • In making credit histories more flexible, customers can effortlessly change between banks and thus benefit from competition to get more favorable terms on credit.

Benefits for Credit Lenders/Providers

  • CIS improves procedures for managing risk in credit for financial institutions.
  • It allows for rapid and efficient reviews of credit or loan requests.

The benefits to the economy

  • CIS offers the opportunity to an entire segment of people to gain access credit, especially for those who have no access to collateral that is tangible.
  • It is expected to cut down on the costs of loan transactions, while accessing credit due to the lower cost of credit as well as increased competition

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