How to Apply for Disabled Student Allowances (DSAs) In United Kingdom

Apply for Disabled Student Allowances (DSAs) In United Kingdom By Online

The application process is different for students who apply for admission from England (Student Finance England), Scotland (Students Awards Agency for Scotland), Wales (Student Finance Wales) and Northern Ireland (Student Finance Northern Ireland).

For those who reside in areas of Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernsey) or Isle of Man, get contact with the authority responsible for education.

To assist you in asking how to get Disabled Student Allowances (DSAs) in your country, you can contact the details below.

Required Documents For Apply for Disabled Student Allowances (DSAs) 

  • The completed application form
  • The proof of your eligibility
    • Long-term health conditions or disabilities Letter or report from your doctor or a consultant
    • Mental-health issue: Report or a letter from your physician or a specialist – you may also complete your Mental Health Evidence form
    • A specific learning problem such as dyslexia A diagnostic assessment by an experienced psychologist or a specialist teacher. You’ll have to have your assessment re-assessed if received this assessment when you were younger than 16 years old.

Notice: A processing agent/disability adviser might request additional documents to be provided.

Office Locations and Contacts


Students Finance EnglandPO Box 210
Darlington DL1 9HJ

Telephone: 0300 100 0607
Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm
On Saturdays and Sundays, 9am – 4pm

Textphone: 0300 100 0622
Monday through Friday 8am – 4pm


The Student Awards Agency for Scotland
Saughton House
Broomhouse Drive
EH11 3UT

The number you need to call will be based on your course kind or the location your studying. Contact numbers – details



Student Finance Wales
Contact 0300 200 4050
Minicom 0300 100 1693

The hours of operation are:
Monday through Friday, 8am until 8pm
Saturday 9am – 1pm
Sundays Closed

PO Box 211
Llandudno Junction,
LL30 9FU


Northern Ireland

Student Finance Northern Ireland

Telephone Calls

  • Phone: 0300 100 0077
  • Minicom 0300 100 0625 You must be connected to the Minicom device to utilize this service.

Hours of operation
Monday through Friday – 8.00 am until 8.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday Saturday and Sunday 9.00 am until 4.00 pm


Channel Islands


Student Finance
Phone: 01534 449450
Fax: 01534 447420

Monday through Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm

Careers Jersey
Philip Le Feuvre House
La Motte Street
St Helier



Education Department
Grange Road
St Peter Port
Channel Islands

Tel: +44 01481 733000
Fax: +44 714475


Isle of Man

Education and Children

Head Office:
Hamilton House
Peel Road
Isle of Man

Telephone: +44 1624-685808 (or +44 1624693838).



Students of higher education living in England are eligible to apply for Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) in the event of an impairment, such as:

  • chronic health issue
  • mental health issue
  • specific learning difficulty, eg. dyslexia

The applicant must satisfy the criteria for disability in the Equality Act 2010.

Candidates are also required to:

  • You can be either an undergraduate, postgraduate or graduate student (including Open University or distance learning)
  • suffer from a condition that limits their ability to learn
  • You can be eligible for student loans through Student Finance England
  • Be enrolled in a program lasting at least one year

You are not eligible for DSAs If you are:

  • An EU student
  • that are eligible for an NHS Disabled Student Allowance (this is an entirely separate scheme)
  • receiving similar assistance from another source of funding for example, your school or a social bursary for work

Your training must be conducted in the UK and you must choose one or more of these:

  • a first degree, eg BA, BSc or BEd
  • A Foundation Degree
  • A Certificate of Higher Education
  • A Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE)
  • an Higher National Certificate (HNC)
  • A Higher National Diploma (HND)
  • A Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE)
  • a postgraduate course
  • Initial Teacher Training

Contact your institution or university to find out if the course you are taking is recognized.

Part-time courses with intensity

For students who are part-time the intensity of your class can determine how much you earn.

Course intensity is the amount of time your course is each year in comparison to a full-time equivalent course. You can verify course intensity at your institution or college.

The rules differ based on the time of your course’s beginning.

Part-time courses beginning prior to September 1st, 2012: The course can not exceed twice the length of the full-time equivalent course.

Part-time courses begin from September 2012. You have to be enrolled at a pace of at 25 percent of the equivalent full-time course throughout the academic year. The course should last at least one year.


Disabled Student Benefits (DSAs): Paid on top of other student financial aid. DSAs can help you pay any additional costs you be able to incur due to your impairment. They don’t need to be paid back. The amount you receive will depend on your specific requirements, not just the income of your household. If you’re a student who is part-time, your level of study can influence the amount you’ll receive.

The money is deposited into your bank account , or directly to the organization that is providing the service or the equipment.

Documentation is needed

This is a guideline on how to apply for Disabled Student Allowances (DSAs).

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