How to Apply for Divergence Certificate In India

Apply for Divergence Certificate In India By Yourself

If a person who is having two or more names (may be because off spelling mistake in the name too) may apply to the respective authority (local administration/revenue) who shall do the local inquiry into the facts and merits of the details furnished by applicant, thereby verifying the documents submitted in support of the applicants claim, and thereafter issue the Divergence Certificate.

Application In Person

  1. The applicant must submit the prescribed application form and submit necessary documents to the Panchayat or Block or Circle or thasildhar office in which the applicant lives.
  2. Link to contact information : link1 AND link under the “Districts” menu. Users must choose the district they wish to contact from the drop-down list to get to the next page. On the following page, please choose from the drop down menu “DIRECTORY” and then “PUBLIC UTILITIES” > “Municipalities” for contact information.
  3. Go to the appropriate office.
  4. The applicant should obtain the form from the office of the applicant (please make payment for it, if needed) A written application on a plain A4 sheet in accordance with the guidelines should be utilized.
  5. Send in the completed application with all required documents.
  6. The authorities after reviewing the documents attached and applications submitted will enter the information and will provide you with a the record number to refer to.
  7. The application will be handled internally. The appropriate authorities will conduct the verification at the ground level following which they will scrutinize the documents and information provided from the person applying.
  8. After the verification has been completed after which the official will present their report to the relevant authority, who will decide and issues the Certificate of Verification to the person applying.

The applicant will receive the certification within 7 to 10 days following an appropriate verification.

Required Documents For Apply for Divergence Certificate

  • Application form.
  • Identity Documentation (Voter ID or Aadhar card)
  • Ration card
  • Marriage Certificate (in the case of a married person)
  • Passport Copy (not mandatory).
  • Self Declaration. (Affidavit to show that you are you)
  • Size of passport photograph (as required)
  • If the government. employee – Service book pension order or book.
  • The birth certificate of applicant.
  • School Leaver Certificate.
  • Other documents that show a variance in names.
  • Aadhaar Card
  • The Government Gazette booklet page that shows name changes as appropriate.
  • Note:
    • These documents above are to be backed by the relevant officials (Talathi’s) reports.
    • All originals and copies of the original, with self-attestation as per the instructions of the respective authorities to be provided in accordance with the requirement.
    • Other than the above documents, authorities could request additional documents or other information. They will require these documents for processing.

Office Locations and Contacts

Department of Municipal Affairs,Agartala Municipal Council-Head Office.
City Centre Complex, Paradise Chowmuhani,
Agartala-799001, Tripura, India.
Ph: +91 (0381)-2325507 23, 2325646, 2325149.
Fax-0381-2325149, e-mail:

  • Eligibility
      • The applicant must be a resident of the state
      • Citizen of India
      • A person who is identified by more than two names.
      • An inconsistency in the name of a candidate on the different documents.
  • Fees
  • Authorities will announce fee information.
  • In the online payment process, details of the fee will be shown (If applicable)
  • Validity
  • The validity that this certification is perpetual or as stated on the certificate.

The reason is mentioned above.

Document Samples

I Shri/Smt.__________________________________________ age _____________
Residence of ________________________________________ do hereby on the solemn Affirmation states and submit as under :

  1. I say that my name is recorded as ____________________________________________________ In my ___________________________ Certificate.
  2. I say that my name is recorded as __________________________________________________ In my _______________________________
  3. I’m stating that each name i.e.
    • (a) ________________________________________________
    • (b) __________________________________________________________________ are names of one and same person i.e. myself.
  4. I say that this affidavit is sworn by me in order to produce the same before the ________________________________________________
  5. The statements that is made in this article is as true to my best knowledge and my belief.

Proudly affirmed on this day of ____________
Place :
The identifier is :

Processing Time

Usually , 7 up to fifteen days (this certificate is obtainable in less than days in the event of an urgent need

The Document is required

  • A divergence certification is required when there is a difference in the name of an person in the various documents , like Birth certificate, passport, etc..
  • If someone has extra names or spelling errors of name, they require a divergence certificate.
  • A divergence certificate is sought to prove that the person applying for the position is also known under the different name(s) in the list.

Information that can be useful

  • Never provide fraudulent certification of information to obtain this certificate. This could lead to a reprimand.
  • Always ensure that your ward’s name is correct in school records.
  • Make sure to check spelling of your name when applying for documents such as passports and driving licenses,.


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