How To Apply for Driver License In Czech Republic

How To Apply for Driver License In Czech Republic

1. Applications can be obtained from any of the offices or the Driver Registry of the municipal authority of municipalities having delegated powers, or in the town halls of cities.

2. The application form should not be copied and electronic methods for submission are not acceptable. The original form of application must be used at all times, and the application form cannot be folded, wrinkled, or deformed in any manner. Forms that are damaged are discarded.

3. The form for application must be completed by hand, to the city office in the municipality that has delegated powers as well as at the municipal hall in a city located in the Czech Republic.

4. The following documents must be included to the application form for a Driver’s Licence or ID document (citizen identity card or passport) and a color or black-and white ID document-type photo measuring 35×45 millimeters.

5. It is essential that the Driver’s License must be collected in person, at the bureau of the local authority for a town with delegated powers, or in the city halls of any town in the Czech Republic.

Documents that are required Apply for Driver License

1.) An application form to apply for an Driving Licence

2.) An identification document (citizen identification card, passport)

3.) Three (1) black and white or colored ID document-type photo that measures 35x45mm.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Transport

Nb?e Ludvka Svobody 12/1222

P.O. Box9

110-15 Prague 1

Fax: (+420) 225 131 184

Phone: (+420) 225 131 112

Mail (electronic mailbox of the Ministry of Transport):

What Are All The Eligibility

The primary requirement for issuance of the Driver’s License is the successful in passing a test that tests driver competence, on the basis that if other conditions, including the age of the driver, good health and so on is met, the person is issued an driving Entitlement(s).


The issue of a Driving License can be subjected to an administrative charge that is CZK 50.00.

Processing Time

Applications are considered within the legal time frame, which is usually between 15 and 20 days.


The applications of Driver’s License are processed by the appropriate office (based on the location of the applicant’s permanent residence) from the Driver Registry of the municipal officials of municipalities that have delegated powers, or city halls in a city located in the Czech Republic.

For information regarding how you can fill in an application, go to the this link:

The Document is required Apply for Driver License

A driver’s license/licence , also known as a driving licence is a document that stipulates that one can operate a motorized vehicle like a motorcycle or car, truck, or bus on a roadway that is public. The laws regarding driving licences for drivers differ across regions. In certain states licensing is granted after the person has passed an examination for driving, but in other states, one is issued a license prior to beginning to drive. Different types of licenses typically are available for various types of motor vehicle, including large passenger and commercial vehicles. The level of difficulty in the driving test differs greatly in different jurisdictions, along with aspects like age and the level of experience.

Information that could be helpful

  • The legal process of treatment of an application controlled by:
  • Act No. 361/2000 Coll. on Road Traffic and on Changing Certain Acts, as amended as well as by Regulation No. 31/2001 Coll. on Driving Licences and the Driver Registry and Driver Registry, in its amended form.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • It is the Czech NATIONAL Driving Licence (either the pink fold-out version , or one of the cards made from plastic) can be used for driving in almost all European countries.
  • Only exceptions include Albania, Greece, and Turkey.

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