How to Apply for Driver License In Pakistan

Apply for Driver License In Pakistan By Online

The system permits a phased the issuance of licenses from learners to full-time license over 2 years.

  • A provisional license will be given to the driver who has passed the exam.
  • After one year of experience in driving and a record of satisfactory performance. The driver is required to complete a five day refresher course during the evening time.
  • After two years of experience in driving and if there is no serious traffic violations in the amount of time, the driver will be licensed for full time after 2 years, automatically.
  • If there is a case of other violation that is more than the normal violations, the driver has to complete a 5 day training program at an approved school , and the awarding of a full license will be delayed. This process must be made more clear for PSV drivers.
  • Drivers who are candidates can only apply for an entire PSV license only if they have at minimum three years of experience driving the wagon or other similar heavy vehicles.
  • For drivers with licenses the licensees are closely monitored for their the possibility of involvement in accidents that could be fatal. any person involved in an accident that results in a death should be re-trained in the driver’s school.
  • When the driving tests in both the theory and the practice successfully passed, the licensee must exchange their test pass certificate to obtain the full license as soon as it is possible. The licensee should apply for full access within two years of passing the driving test or the test needs to be passed. The application to obtain a full license can be made in the Traffic Police Office along with the test pass certificate as well as a learner’s license. Fresh drivers need to keep a green L-Plate in their possession for at minimum six months.

Office Locations and Contacts

List of all office for the issuance of drivers licenses in Pakistan

  • Karachi
  • Hyderabad
  • Sukkur
  • Quetta
  • Multan
  • Lahore
  • Faisalabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Islamabad
  • Peshawar


Anyone male or female of the age of 18 with an National Identity Card No. and proof of residency in the region in which an applicant is located and is able to read a car’s number plate at the distance of 20.5 meters (65′).

 Required Document For Apply for Driver License  

Driver’s License allows the holder legally drive in Pakistan.

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