How To Apply for Driver Permit In Anguilla

How To Apply for Driver Permit In Anguilla

  1. Set up an appointment for one of the driving tests. You can contact or email the Police Department to do so.
  2. Visit Inland Revenue Department.
  3. Bring a valid ID as well as another proof of identity, such as passport.
  4. Fill out an application form to apply to obtain a driver’s license.
  5. Pass the driving test.
  6. Make sure you pay the fees that are required.
  7. If you have passed the driving test and passed the driving tests, a driver’s license will be issued.

Documents that are required Apply for Driver Permit

  • Passport
  • A valid ID

Office Locations and Contacts

inland RevenueDepartment Head Gecheal G. Richardson-Gumbs
Contact Information:
P.O. Box 60
Old Police Barracks
The Valley, Anguilla
Telephone: 264 497 1241
Fax: 264 497 0176

What Are All The Eligibility

At the age of 16.


  • Driver’s Permit $50.00 EC $50.00 The cost of a driver’s permit is $50.00.
  • Temporary Permits – 20.00 US or $53.76 EC


The Driver’s Permit is valid for three months.


  • The permit holder has to travel with a licensed driver for at least three years while in the seat of the passenger in the car. The vehicle should have prominently displayed red “L”s against white backgrounds.
  • Temporary driving permits permit holders of drivers licenses from abroad to drive within the country for up to six months. They are offered to legitimate visitors only.

Documentation is needed

A driver’s license is required by anyone who wants to drive a motorized vehicle even if the driver does not have a driver’s license at present.

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How To Apply for Driver Permit In Anguilla
How To Apply for Driver Permit In Anguilla

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