How To Apply for Duplicate Or Renew Passport (Lost, Stolen Or Damaged) In Argentina

How To Apply for Duplicate Or Renew Passport (Lost, Stolen Or Damaged) In Argentina

  1. Personally apply for a duplicate in the form of an Electronic Passport on the same digital office and Quick Documentation Centers nationwide.
  2. Bring and submit the documentation necessary.
  3. Fill out your form. Have your biometrics taken.
  4. Pay the amount.

Notification: The brand new ePassport is sent directly to the person who owns it within 15 days of processing in digital offices or at Quick Documentation Centres in the United States.

Documents that are required Duplicate Or Renew Passport (Lost, Stolen Or Damaged)

  • The national identification or civic or Enrollment Book in the appropriate manner.
  • Current passports, which will not be used and return to the owner in any instances.
  • If the purpose for requesting the passport’s new issue is due to a change in name/s, surname/s or other data that is deemed to be filial you have to present the certificate or act through which the change was made.
  • For children who are under 18, they must be accompanied by an adult with parental authority. They must present their national identity as well as their citizenship and Book Book signing on vigencia.En when is not accompanied by an increase in exercising custody or conservatorship or guardianship that you must not leave to the room and declare your decision by presenting an official copy of the Judiciary authorisation or power of attorney that is notarized from which is the permission or consent.
  • If a minor is present and/or those who haven’t made the necessary upgrade before reaching the age of 14 years, they must have a the birth document (CNA) or death certificates or adoption , if applicable.

Office Locations and Contacts

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What Are All The Eligibility

Argentine Passport holders


New ePassport $ 400


This New Electronic Passport is valid for 10 years.

Processing Time

15 days

Documentation is needed

Every passport that gets lost, stolen, or damaged or stolen must be replaced and reported. Additionally, passports that are nearing expiration have to be renewed to remain valid. The procedure of applying to renew and replace a passport is identical to the initial application for the passport.

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