How to Apply for Electricity Connection In Ivory Coast

Apply for Electricity Connection In Ivory Coast By Yourself

  • It is recommended that you visit your local Ivorian Electricity Company (CIE) branch office close to you. Go to the desk for service and inform them of your curiosity.
  • Fill in your application and attach necessary evidence (listed further below) and then submit it to the officer responsible to be verified and processed.
  • If your application is accepted, CIE will have some of its employees inspect your residence to ensure that you are in compliance with the standards within 3-7 days. They will also calculate the amount you’ll be required to pay to secure the connection.
  • Based on the cost quoted You will need to pay to the CIE office and you will receive receipt.
  • After payment of the necessary costs, external work, meter installation and other important steps will be carried out in order to ensure you have the ability to connect to electricity in five working days.

Register Online

  • Simply click on “I Connect” to Login to the CIE website using this link,index in case you already have an account. If you don’t have an account, click “I sign up”
  • You will be taken to the next webpage, complete the registration form in a precise manner and then captcha the security features, agree to terms and conditions and click the “Validate” Tab.
  • Log into your account using your account’s email and the password that you used to sign up, then fill in the correct form to request connection and then submit.
  • The application will be submitted to CIE for review. You will receive an email notification of your application by email and will be provided with information about CIE website visit.
  • CIE will have a portion of its employees inspect your home to ensure that the standards are met within 3-7 days. The CIE officers will also determine the amount you’ll have to pay for the connection.
  • You’ll be required to go to the CIE office close to you with your supporting documents as well as the cost quoted and pay the bill, and you will receive a an invoice.
  • Once you have paid the costs, external work, meter installation and other necessary steps will be carried out to ensure that you are able to get electricity within 5 working days.

Required Documents For Apply for Electricity Connection

  • The topographic map of the lot as well as the permit for building the title deed or Award letter, or another documents that allow you to identify the property and land
  • A sheet for location needs to be filled out at the CIE
  • The identity card of the tenant and the owner
  • SECUREL certification
  • Photocopy of the legally enforceable lease agreement

Office Locations and Contacts

Ivorian Electricity Company (CIE)Headquarters: 1, Avenue ChristianiTreichville
Address: 01 BP 6923 Abidjan 01 Cote d’Ivoire
RCCM Abidjan n deg: CI-ABJ-1990-B-149296
Telephone: (+225) 21 23 33 00
Fax: (+225) 21 23 35 88


  • Legal and natural individuals/businesses/companies in Ivory Coast can apply.


  • You will receive an estimate of charges for connection.


The validity of the connection is indefinite, unless you fail in paying the electric bill, which could results in the termination to the electric service.

Processing Time

Within two weeks of the payment of the quoted cost.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the company or applicant
  • Contact details for the applicant/company
  • Address of supply (district location street, house’s name, landmark)
  • Number on ID card or passport
  • Information about the house (No. of rooms of rooms, No. of lights, air conditioners (bulbs) and so on.)

Documentation is needed

All electrical connections to Ivory Coast are done by the Ivorian Electricity Company (CIE)

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