How to Apply for Electricity connection In Uganda

Apply for Electricity connection In Uganda By Online

  • Check that the location where you’d like to put electricity to is constructed properly and that you’ve done it before with everything from earthing to complete wiring by a skilled electrician who has a certificate of operation issued by the electric distribution company.
  • Find the nearest office and collect the application forms. Fill in the application form with all the information required.
  • Make a payment for a surveying fee equal to $18 or Ugandan Shilling 43,000(forty three thousand shillings) in any banking institution you like in Uganda
  • Complete the application form, with all the details to the nearest office. Attach the payment receipt for surveying fees.
  • A surveyor or installation inspector will then visit your property to check that the electrical wiring and earthing meet the standards required and they will ask you to complete an inspection survey form on location. The AD-20 form will be prepared when you have passed all mandatory tests for conformity. It usually takes the average from 5 (5) day to two(2) weeks.
  • When the installation is deemed to be in compliance to the standards set The internal processing of the application will begin.
  • Once your application has been verified after which you will be asked to make a capital payment of:
    • Uganda Shilling 98,000 (ninety eight thousand shillings only) to have no pole service
    • Uganda Shilling 326,000 (three hundred twenty-six thousand shillings) in exchange for 1 (I) pole
    • Uganda Shilling 100,000 (one hundred thousand shillings only) as security for domestic consumers with single-phase power supply
    • Uganda Shilling 200 000 ( two hundred thousand shillings only) for both commercial consumers of supply single-phase and three-phase supply
  • Once the payment has been processed, your connection will be activated

Required Documents For Apply for Electricity connection

  • In the application form, you must fill in all the information needed
  • A sketch of the map of your home along with the bank account numbers of your neighbor in the event of electricity.
  • The type of service( commercial or domestic)
  • A stamp of a company in the case of a business
  • Evidence of ownership of an owner
  • Tenancy agreement and passport size photo from the tenant (for tenants)
  • Identity proof that is valid

Office Locations and Contacts

Distribution of electricity co.P0 B0X 23841
Kampala Uganda
For general inquiries call
702185185, toll-free 0800185185


  • Anyone who has a Building
  • Businesses that build or operate factories can be eligible for generate power.


  • $43,000 (forty three thousand shillings) (forty) for the domestic connection for inspection.
  • 47.200 ( 407,200 and twenty) for connection to commercial inspection
  • The amount is 88,500 (eighty eighty five hundred shillings) in addition to load statement for three-phase connection
  • 18,000 (one hundred and eighteen thousands Shillings just) and load-declaration for KVA
  • 9.8 million( one hundred and eighty thousand shillings ) without poles
  • 326,000( three hundred and twenty-six thousand shillings ) to provide one pole
  • 100,000(one hundred thousands) to secure a deposit for domestic consumers with a single-phase supply
  • 200 000 ( 200 000 shillings only ) for both commercial users of single-phase supply as well as three-phase normal supply


In the long run, as long as you pay the Bills.

Examples of Documents

Processing Time

The processing maximum time will be between the range of one (1) or two (2) weeks to allow you to get power connected at your location.


An electrician who is skilled enough to be able to visit your home to check the correct wiring insulation and installation of the earthing process. This person is authorized by the distribution companies to examine the electrical wiring system in the premises.

The Information You Need

  • Full name
  • Zone
  • Service type (domestic or commercial)
  • Telephone number
  • Birth date
  • Proof of identity that is valid
  • Citizenship
  • Address
  • Occupation
  • Passport size photo with white background
  • A stamp of a company in the case of a business
  • Evidence of ownership in the case of the landowner who was the first to own it.
  • A Tenancy Contract and a passport-sized photo of the owner of the land ( in the case of tenants)

The Document is required

Ugandas electricity and power distribution Company was established in 2004 with the intention to network power supply, distribution and the connection of electricity. To be able to allow anyone in Uganda to access power , they must go to their principal office in Kampala or one of their offices across the country.

Information that could be helpful

The Electricity distribution business is in the process of implementing a changing the code called Yaka that will see all of the older metering type of postpaid meters replaced by new prepaid meters . So has been completed in a couple of regions like Mubuya and portions of Natete and many others are currently in the process of completing the change.

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