How to Apply for Fertilizer (Insecticide) Manufacturing License In India

Apply for Fertilizer (Insecticide) Manufacturing License In India By Yourself

  • To obtain the fertilizer manufacturing license, the applicant must follow the following steps.
  • The applicant must contact the licensing officer from the state department of agriculture asking for the application form to apply for a manufacturing license.
  • The licensing officer approves the application after receiving the fee prescribed of the candidate.
  • The applicant can download the application form application form Page 13.
  • In the event that an insecticide intended to be produced at more than one location distinct applications must be submitted and separate licenses issued for each location.
  • The licensing officer issues the license only when the applicant meets the eligibility requirements in the section on eligibility.
  • The applicant is able to fill in the required information and send the application form at the office of licensing.
  • The application fee may be paid by demand draft together with an application as well as the documents supporting it as specified on the “Required Documents” section of this page.
  • The applicant will receive an invitation to visit the premises by the post or by mobile. The inspector of insecticides will examine the place in which the fertilizer is produced as well as the employees who are involved in the production process.
  • The reports are provided to the officer for review.
  • A license to manufacture an insecticide will be granted until the licensing officer is satisfied that the required equipment and plant safety equipment, first-aid facilities such as first-aid equipment, etc. are present in the area in which the insecticide is planned to be produced.
  • If all criteria are met, the license is issued to the manufacturer. This information is sent to the person applying by mail.

The applicant is able to take their permission from the licensing officer in the office.

Required Documents For Apply for Fertilizer Manufacturing License

The documents below are required

  • Application form
  • Rubber stamps in the company’s name
  • Chemist Degree Certificate
  • A list of Lab equipment’s
  • ID proof ( Voter ID , Aadhaar CARD,PAN CARD, DRIVING LICENSE)
  • Address document (Voter ID, Aadhaar CARD, PAN CARD and Driving License)
  • Shop’s document and proof of address
  • Establishment certificate
  • Staff Qualification Certificate
  • Passport Photograph
  • ANO from the local body
  • NoC from the State Pollution Control Board

NoC application in Letter Pad

Office Locations and Contacts

Agriculture Unit
Development Department
11th Floor,M.S.O.Bldg.,I.P.Eastate
New Delhi-2Ph.-23317598


  • The person applying for manufacturing licenses must possess or hire an individual who holds a Master’s degree in Chemistry with an Doctorate or an advanced diploma of Chemical Engineering for manufacture of technical pesticides or a master’s level degree from Agriculture Science with Chemistry for manufacturing of pesticide formulations.
  • Anyone who wants to make or sell, stocks or exhibits to the public and distribute an insecticide, or to carry out commercial pest control activities using the application of any insecticide could submit an application with the officer responsible for licensing for issue of a licence.


  • The structure of fees varies according to the kind of insecticide that is classified. The fee is 2000 rupees (Two Thousand) for each insecticide, and a maximum amount of 20000 (Twenty Thousand) for all insecticides that license has been issued.
  • One rupee hundred will be charged to obtain a duplicate copy of the license, in case the original copy is defaced, damaged or has been lost.


The license issued under the insecticides (Amendment) Act will be valid for two years and may renew from time the end of the period after payment of any cost as is prescribed.


  • If the licensee wishes to sell or manufacture the stock or exhibits for distribution or stock and utilize for commercial pest control and any other insecticides is allowed, he can apply for the licensee’s approval to include to the license for each insecticide upon the payment of the required fee.
  • The license is placed in a prominent location in the place where the license was issued. The license must be presented for inspection whenever required by an insecticide Inspector, Licensing Officer , or any other officer authorized by the government in this respect.
  • Any changes regarding the names of expert staff identified in the licence is immediately informed to the officer responsible for licensing.
  • There are no consumable products for animals or humans will be kept in the same place as insecticides are kept.
  • There should be enough space and facilities for stocking insecticides in order to ensure their quality is maintained on the shelves.
  • If the licensee wishes to take on during the term of the license to produce for sale other insecticides they must approach the licensing officer to obtain the necessary endorsement of the license upon the payment of the required fee for each category of insecticides.

Requirements Information

  • Specifics of Land Documents
  • Industry Registration Number from the State Industry Department.
  • List of Tech Experts with his qualifications,
  • First Aid facilities (from the Contact Doctor),
  • Ingredients for the product that are to be developed.
  • List of Equipments / Machineries.
  • Drawing Map of the Area that is part of the Manufacturer Unit.

Verification report from the concerned District Agriculture Officer

Documentation is needed

  • Someone who intends to manufacture, sell stock, distribute, or produce any insecticide is required to apply for an insecticide license.
  • Traders must strictly adhere to the classifications of the government for insecticides for use in various fields for use in industry or agriculture. To be eligible to deal with these classified insecticides, you need be granted a the license.


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