How to Apply for Film and Television Production Permit or License In Bahamas

 Apply for Film and Television Production Permit or License In Bahamas By Online

  1. Click here for Registration Online Registration link.
  2. How to Apply for Film and Television Production Permit or License In Bahamas
    How to Apply for Film and Television Production Permit or License In Bahamas
  3. The applicants can download application as per their requirements from the below Drone Operations Form Link 1. Aerial Shoot Form Link2
  4. Fill out the Registration Form including all mandatory information highlighted in “*”
  5. When you’ve filled out all of the information, upload the supporting documents and then click”SUBMIT” “SUBMIT”.
  6. The applicant must make the application seven days before the day the team is due to arrive in The Bahamas.
  7. If all information as well as supporting documentation are correct and accurate , the applicant will be notified within two working days of the Bahamas Film and Television Commission to obtain the Permit.

Required Documents For Apply for Film and Television Production Permit or License 

  • Formulary for application
  • A letter of intention introducing the an organization and outlining the purpose of the project, along with the storyboard and script in the event of a storyboard.
  • Locations that are suitable for the type of location required.
  • A listing of crew and cast members including nationalities, flight information and nationalities.
  • A list of photography equipment, props, and wardrobe objects, along with the U.S. dollar value (for approvals and waivers of duty).
  • A list of the required production personnel and talents.
  • A rough estimate of the overall budget with an indication of the amount of money to be allocated to The Islands of The Bahamas.
  • The proposed airing or release of your production with its location.
  • Specific requirements, for example traffic control helicopter permits, casino sites.
  • As detailed as you can as possible, including the locations where film and production activities can impact on the local surroundings.

The applicant should also specify what information information can be supplied:

  • A film review about your experience of film shooting experience The Bahamas – a Film Commission representative will contact you regarding this.
  • The finished product of this film production should be sent to The Bahamas Film Commission.
  • Giving permission to for the Film Commission to use the images you submit to promote shooting at The Bahamas.
  • Inviting the Film Commission to come to your location and film behind the scenes images or footage from your film.
  • B roll footage from this production for The Islands of The Bahamas for use for our video archive.

Office Locations and Contacts

Bahamas Film and Television Commission
C/o Ministry of Tourism and Aviation
Bolam House
King as well as George Streets
P.O. Box N-3701
New Providence
The Bahamas
TEL: (242) 322-8744, or 322-4374-5
Fax: (242) 322-8749
Hours of operation: 9:00 am until 5 pm, Monday to Friday.
Contact Link


Producers and directors of film are are interested to work in the Bahamas on television and film projects.


There is no processing cost.


At least seven working days prior to your arrival at least seven days prior to your arrival in the Bahamas applicants must file an application along with the accompanying documents.

Documents to Utilize

Application Form Link1
Form Link2

Processing Time

Based on the completeness and accuracy of the application, up to two days could be needed.

Requirements Information

  • Company
  • Street
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code
  • Country
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Contact Position Title
  • Client
  • Production Type
  • Production Title
  • Production Start date
  • Production end date
  • Production Location
  • Port of Entry
  • Airport Name
  • Project description
  • Production Budget
  • Estimated Costs in the Bahamas
  • Additional Production Required
  • Insurance Information
  • Equipment Listing with Serial No. and Value.
  • Value of the Total Equipment
  • Method for Importing Equipment
  • The number of people who travel
  • Itineraries and Cast/Crew Nationality

Select “I am in agreement” as well as “I disagree” in the below table of the Questionnaire:

    • I authorize an official of the commission for film to get in touch with me in order to offer a review about my experience of shooting at the Bahamas.
    • I will forward an image of the final product of this film for the Bahamas Film Commission.
    • I give the film commission the right to use the images I submit on materials that promotes filming within The Bahamas without restriction.
    • I give permission to the film commission to set up and film behind-the-scenes images and/or video footage of my film.
    • I’ll have B-Roll footage from this film that I could offer to The Bahamas to use on video archives.

The Document is required

It is necessary to an film, commercial or television shoot on the Bahamas.

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