How To Apply for Fishing Permit / License In China

How To Apply for Fishing Permit / License In China

HTML0Acceptance of documents.

  • Administrative Examination and Approval Office of the MOA will first examine applications for Application for Fishing Permit and the related documents provided by the provincial level competent fishery authorities or other agencies directly with that of the federal government.
  • The application on-line must be submitted for review in the first instance by the National Information System for Marine Fishing Vessels for marine fishing.


  • MOA Bureau of Fisheries shall examine the application according to relevant regulations.

Approval letter issuing.

  • A written reply will be sent to the applicant following the final approval from the Director-General of the Bureau of Fisheries who is assigned with the responsibility MOA Minister.
  • Issue of fishing permits (special [concessionpermit]).
  • The applicant should visit the relevant Bureau of Fisheries Administration with the approved letter from MOA to obtain the permit.

Documents Required Fishing Permit / License

  • Comments on the review made by authorities in charge of provincial fisheries;
  • The fishing gear and method are in conformity to applicable regulations.
  • Documents required to submit:
  • Applications for Fishing Permit;
  • Photoscopies of Business License of Enterprise Legal Person or the certification of a household registration (The initial acceptor is responsible for checking that the photocopies are in fact identical to their originals and stamps using an official seal, if the case. );
  • Non-expired Certificate of Inspection, and the Certificate of Registry (Nationality) granted to the fishing vessel as well as a Fishing Permit (original photocopy and copy for three required documents);
  • To be used for research and teaching purposes institutions that are not commercially owned must submit the project plan that identifies the areas to be studied and the researcher’s list that must be carried on the vessel
  • The lease contract or the agreement of cooperation that is necessary when hiring fishing vessels to conduct research or for resource exploration (Original copies and photocopies are both are required).
  • Other conditions set by MOA.

Office Locations and Contacts

Minister of AgricultureAdd. No.11 Nongzhanguan Nanli, Chaoyang District, Beijing China (100125) Tel: (8610)59191428, 59191492
Fax: (8610)59191428
Fishery Desk
Contact: Administrative Examination and Approval Office
Ministry of Agriculture
No.11 Nongzhanguan Nanli, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Postcode: 100125

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Fishing licenses for marine fisheries that includes large trawlers as well as purse seines, and for fishing in jointly managed zones of fishery management as defined in the agreements signed by both the People’s Republic of China and the other countries involved or in the high seas are granted after approval from the department of fisheries in the State Council.
  • Other fishing permits are granted after approval by the fisheries department’s administrative department within the local governments of the people at or over that of the local level.
  • However, the dimensions for vessels and fishing equipment specified in fishing licenses issued for marine fishing should not exceed the size limits for fishing vessels and fishing gear established by the State.
  • Specific steps in this regard will be determined by the elected provincial governments as well as autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the supervision of the Central Government.


No cost.

Processing Time

15 working days for the approval letter, and five work days to obtain a fishing permit (special”concession”).


HTML0 A fishing permit can only be issued if the following conditions are satisfied:

  • with the fishing vessel inspection certificate
  • with the registration of the fishing vessel certificate having the fishing vessel registry certificate
  • complying with the other conditions set by the department of administrative for fishing under the State Council.

To be reviewed

  • The qualification of the company or individual fisherman
  • Fishing as a purpose
  • The fishing vessels must be certified;

Qualifying of fishing gears.

The Document is required Fishing Permit / License

The state takes actions in the field of loan, finance and taxation in order to encourage and encourage the growth of pelagic fisheries and to prepare personnel for fishing in the inland water and for offshore fishing in the light of the permissible catch of those resources for fishing.

Information that could be helpful

Legal Basis:

  • Fisheries Law of the People’s Republic of China;
  • Guidelines for Implementation of the Fisheries Law of the People’s Republic of China;
  • The measures on how to manage the Administration of Fishing Permit (Promulgated by Order No. 19 [2002of 2002] from the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China, updated by order No. 38 [2004 from the Ministry of Agriculture of China for the first time and then revised by the Order No. 6 [2007of the Ministry of Agriculture of China for the second time);
  • Circular issued by the Bureau of Fisheries on Preparation for the implementation of the system of minimum Mesh size for marine Fishing Equipment and Gears (No. 23 [2003(2003, p. 23) MOA Bureau of Fisheries);
  • Other pertinent rules published by MOA.

Other uses for the document/certificate

The holders of the right can benefit from the state’s policies of support in aquaculture, if they have the appropriate certificate.

External Links

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  • Individuals and units who fish must carry out their activities in compliance with the nature of the operation, the place of operation, the time limit, the amount of fishing equipment and fishing quotas, as stated in their licences. They should also observe the regulations governing protecting fishery resources. Medium and large-sized fishing vessels must keep fishing logs.
  • All fishing vessels constructed, rebuilt, bought or imported are inspected and inspected by the fishing inspection departments prior to when they are allowed to operate. Specific administrative rules to this effect will be determined through the State Council.
  • The construction of fishing ports must be according to the unified plan of the state and the principle that who invests in benefits will be applied. Local governments of the people that are above or at the county level should be in charge of the fishing ports within their administrative regions and maintain order in the ports.


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