How To Apply for Foreign Employment License In China

How To Apply for Foreign Employment License In China

  • Employers must apply for an employment permit when it plans to employ foreign workers and can apply for the permission after receiving approval as well as the People’s Republik of China Employment License for Foreigners (hereinafter called”the “Employment License”)
  • The position that will be filled by a foreigner hired by the employer will be the one with special needs which can’t be filled by foreign candidates for the time as it is, but does not violate any rules of the government.
  • Employers should not hire foreigners to perform commercially produced entertainment with the exception of those who are qualified under the Rules.
  • Following the approval of the appropriate trade authorities the employer must submit application forms to labor administrative authority of the province or autonomous region directly under the supervision of the Central Government or the labor administration authorities at the city or prefecture level which the employer is located for inspection and approval. The labor administration authorities mentioned above will designate a separate organization (hereinafter called”Certificate Office”) “Certificate Office”) to assume the responsibility of issuance of the Employment License. The Certificate Office should take into the consideration of the opinions of the appropriate trade authorities, as well as the supply and demand of the labor market. They will give an Employment License to the employer following an examination and clearance.
  • Central level employers or who are not regulated by the relevant trade authorities can make their applications directly to the Certificate Office of the labor administration authorities to obtain the Employment Permit.
  • The approval and examination by the relevant trade authorities isn’t required for foreign-funded businesses to employ foreign workers. Those companies can submit their applications straight to Certificate Office of the labor administrative authorities to obtain their Employment License, bringing with them the contract, the articles of association, the certificate of approval business license, and other documentation required in the article 11 of these Rules.
  • Employers who have permission to hire foreign workers must not provide an Employment License nor the letter of visa notification directly to foreign workers to be employed and both must be issued by the authorized department.
  • Foreigners who have permission for work authorization in China must apply for employment visas at the Chinese consulates, embassies and visa offices. They should bring along with their documents their Employment License issued by the Ministry of Labor, the letter or telex notification issued by the authorized department along with a valid passport or travel Document.

Documents that are required Foreign Employment License

  • The curriculum of the foreigner who is to be employed
  • The letter of intent for employment
  • The reasons that are reported for being employed
  • The proof of identity of the foreigner are required to be used in the task
  • Health certificate for the foreign worker who is to be employed
  • Other documents required by law

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, People’s Republic of China of Social Security and Human Resource Contact: Dongcheng District in East Peace Street 3rd Number (Eastern hospital) within Dongcheng District Peace Street 12 (West House)
Zip: 100013 (Eastern Hospital) 100 716 (West House)
The major traffic routes are include: Metro Line 5, Exit C peace to the North that means you can walk or take an Andingmen bus 125 to peace in the street and take off (West House) by bus: 116,62,117, 674,13,406,684 peace at the intersection to walk to the south (Eastern Health Center).

People’s China Ministry of Public Security
Address: No. 14 East Chang An Avenue,
Beijing Zip: 100741
Contacts of Municipal Public Security Bureaus of China

Chinese Missions Overseas

How To Apply for Foreign Employment License In China
How To Apply for Foreign Employment License In China

What Are All The Eligibility

The hiring of foreigners in China must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Aged 18 and in good health
  • They have gathered with the required expertise and relevant work experience
  • no criminal record;
  • choose the employer’s organization to be employed;

A valid passport or passport may be replaced with other travel documents that are international in nature (hereinafter called to replace your passport).


The employment permit of the foreign national will be invalidated automatically in the following circumstances:

  • The contract that was signed between the employer unit and foreign employees expires;
  • When an employment permit isn’t able to pass an annual check.

Documents to Utilize

Application Formula for Employment of Foreigners in China

Formula Application for Employer Registration of Foreign Workers in China

Examples of Documents

Sample Foreign Employment License


In accordance with the Regulations on the Administration of Employment of Foreigners in China the requirements for employment licenses that are not required are:

  • foreigners who are employed by Chinese-foreign exchange programmes in China according to the agreements signed between Chinese as well as foreign government and international organizations;
  • Chief Representatives or representatives who work in the resident representative offices of foreign companies in China.

Foreigners who meet one of the requirements can apply directly for an employment permit accompanied by an employment visa and the appropriate documents upon entering China.

The Information You Need

  • Employer’s full name
  • Address for business
  • Name in Chinese
  • Nationality
  • Place and date of birth
  • Type of passport
  • Passport No
  • Position
  • Education
  • Marital Status
  • If you’ve been in China before, you are not alone.
  • The previous occupation prior to becoming a China
  • Name of the employer
  • Contact
  • The application was made by

The Document is required Foreign Employment License

A government-approved licensing system for foreigners working in China. If an employer wants is hiring a foreigner, applicants from abroad must apply for employment authorizationand then get approval prior to hiring. Foreigners who are employed in China are required to apply for employment permits are split in “People’s Republic of China Alien Employment License” bid for the work visa, and submit an application for “People’s China Republic China Alien Employment Permit” foreigner residence certificate in three areas. China has signed an agreement with the employment permit to allow the hiring of foreigners, must possess the appropriate occupational permit (with visa-free agreement, in accordance with protocols processing) and then was granted an “Alien Employer Permit” and foreigner residency certificate prior to starting work in China.

Information that could be helpful

  • Foreigners are not required to apply for an employment permit and employment permit
  • Foreign professional technical and management personnel directly invited by Chinese officials or foreign professionals in management and technical fields who are invited by institutions and state organs with high technical titles or certificates for special skills that have been confirmed by the local or international authority department of technical management or trade associations. They are holders of the foreign experts certification that is issued by the government administration for foreign expert issues for foreigners;
  • foreign labor service personnel having special expertise, working in offshore oil and gas operations without no requirement for landing and also holding the work permit of foreigners working in China. Peoples Republic of China engaged in offshore oil activities;
  • foreign performers who present commercial performances that have been approved from the Ministry of Culture with a temporary business performance licence.

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SAFEA is the body responsible in certifying foreign professionals to work on the Chinese mainland, and arranging out-of-country training courses for Chinese managers and technical experts.




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