How To Apply for Foreign Expert Permit / License In China

How To Apply for Foreign Expert Permit / License In China

Registration procedure:

  • The applicant needs to sign in to the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs the government’s home page by clicking at the bottom part of the webpage “Online Services” section in the “State Administration of Foreign Experts Bureau of Foreign Experts Working Document Management System,” documents for the system to be entered into the page
  • The page will be in the middle in”hired per user registration. “hired for each user’s registration” in accordance with the settings on their personal page that prompts users to enter their name and password with at minimum 8 digits and letters. Make sure to keep the user’s name and password after being set, they cannot be altered. Please fill in the registration form in line to the specifications of the unit. Click the submit button once you have completeness of the form, subject to approval from the approving authority. After the approval of the whole unit following registration is completed. Users can make use of the password and user name systems to conduct business.

The user is taken to the “State Administration for Foreign Experts Foreign Experts Working Document Management System” page. Enter “username” along with “password” the login process. “Working Document Management” on the left-hand section of the page, depending on the necessity to click “apply for an employment permit” as well as “Foreign expert certificate application” to provide documents to the application.

Document application processes:

To apply for “Foreign Expert Certification” to be established “new office”, “deferred”, “Change”, “cancellation”, “the residual” and other categories of applications, you will be asked to enter the basic requirements for your application.

Following a preliminary exam, the applicant following the instructions needed documents to be submitted to the authorities to submit writing application.

Documents that are required Foreign Expert Permit / License

Submit “Foreign Expert Certificate Application Form”;

  • Present a valid passport and provide a copy;
  • Make sure you have a valid original visa copy;

A copy of the employment contract or contract with an official seal

  • Business license for Submitted Hire or legal code of organization Copy;
  • Hire units that were submitted to hire are issued “Foreign Expert Application for a Certificate to Prove” (letter);
  • An official quarantine document issued by the health department

CVs (including experiences, qualifications);

  • The top academic or professional certified photocopy of the certificate;
  • Submit a photo of the last two inches in size;
  • If they are with their families they must present an original passport and visas originals, and submit an original per person, tiny inch photographs 2 per person.

Office Locations and Contacts

The State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs Address Beijing Zhongguancun South Street, No. 50307
Phone: 10-68948899
Fax: 86-10-68940923 Zip
E-mail: admin@
Code: 100873

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How To Apply for Foreign Expert Permit / License In China
How To Apply for Foreign Expert Permit / License In China

What Are All The Eligibility

“Foreign experts with work permits” working for a period of time in China is only granted to our government-recognized foreign experts who bid for a the vocational (Z) visa. Foreigners who are not citizens of our country, as well as other applicable provisions will apply for China formalities. Foreign experts who are short-term are not required to be in China for example, using the handles F (visit) and the L (tourist) visas are not required to submit this form of documentation.

Documents to Utilize

Form for Foreign Experts’ Work Permit Formula

The Information You Need

  • Surname (as as it appears on the passport)
  • Name (as as it appears on passport)
  • Other people have also utilized names that are not related to the family name (foreign language)
  • Others Names (foreign language)
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of Citizenship
  • Passport number
  • Gender
  • The place of birth
  • Address
  • Contact details for employers
  • Position of China in
  • Your China-based work assignments
  • How long do you plan to remain in China
  • Check all the nations that ever given you an identity card

The Document is required Foreign Expert Permit / License

Foreign experts (including experts from abroad, Chinese, Chinese experts) are classified into three types:

  • Education experts – refers the students of foreign teachers and other staff members involved in journalism, education publishing arts, culture health, sports, and other departments that want to be employed in the country and get the best treatment.
  • economists – refers an introduction of new technology and import equipment and equipment to aid China’s economic growth by recruiting foreign technical personnel and management.

experts in management, technology and technology and management experts. They are also known as project specialists or technical experts. I’m talking about the federal government department of economic management companies, major development projects, academic institutes and universities, medical institutions, agriculture banking, finance and other organizations that perform the work of foreign experts. Experts are employed as in service positions, as well as retired. In a different way it was endorsed by the local or national authorities and foreign intelligence to introduce fees-funded projects to facilitate the entry to foreign talents is the method employed by management experts, experts experts, local or national. This aspect of expert management is the main focus of our efforts.

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