How to Apply for Frequency Licensing Permit or License in Nigeria

Apply for Frequency Licensing Permit or License in Nigeria By Yourself

  • For an application in person for Frequency License Permit as well as License personally, applicants is required visit the offices of the National Broadcasting Commission.
  • Directorate office addresses are listed in the following addresses
  • Visit the office and get an application form to apply for Frequency License Permit or License according to the requirements of the appropriate department.
  • There is also a listing of application forms on the “Documents to be used” section of this page.
  • Check to see if you have all the documents listed on this page’s “Required documents” section on this page.
  • Fill out the application according to the requirements, including appropriate information and details. Sign the application form by your signature.
  • When you’re done the form, attach the necessary documents within the “Required Documents” section on this page. Submit it to the office.
  • Once the application is submitted, it will be sent on to Department of State Services (DSS) to obtain security clearance.
  • The application will be examined and if it is found to be compliant to the provisions under the NBC Act, are recommended to the President, Commander-in Chief by the Honorable Minister for Information & Culture.
  • Once the document for the license is available to collect and returned to the applicant, they will receive an email or a call by the office via the mail or by phone and the applicant will be able to collect the document on their own or hire an appointment with a courier service to collect it.
  • After the license is issued the licensee must pay the license fees in the manner directed to the appropriate bank account.

Documents Required For Apply for Frequency Licensing

  • The completed application form
  • Business Incorporation Certificate
  • Recent tax clearance certificate
  • Proposed Network Breakdown
  • Radio Equipment/Antenna Brochures
  • Antenna Cable characteristics
  • Letter of introduction from Ministry’s authorized Equipment Dealer
  • A brief description of the company

Follow the link below to find categorical requirements

Office Locations and Contacts

National Broadcasting Commission,Plot 20, Ibrahim Taiwo Street (by Aso Villa),
Asokoro, Abuja,
P.M.B. 5747, Garki,
Homepage homepage
Contact address

Head Quarters,
Department of State Services (DSS),
1, Maitama Avenue,
P.M.B. 253,
Abuja, Nigeria
Phone: +234 9030002189
Homepage homepage
Contact Link

Federal Ministry of Communications technology,
P.M.B 12578,
Federal Secretariat Complex,
Phase I Annex III
Shehu Shagari Way, Abuja
Web site homepage

What are all the Eligibility

Any organisation located in Nigeria who plans to make use of frequency to serve any of the stated objectives, may apply.


Click here to find out more details about fees fees information

Documents to Utilize

Formula 1 Frequency license
Form 2 Terrestrial Radio Service
Form DSSFC1 Radio frequency license
Form 10A The Ship Station
Formula 10B airports
Form 0061 amateur stations

Processing Time

It takes only one month to get the license


  • It is essential that the form you fill out include all of the information needed in a timely manner and be properly filled out so that it can be approved from the Authority.
  • It is important to include all required documents as required by the authority in order to prevent rejections.
  • All forms and documents to be submitted submission must be submitted in two copies, as only one copy will be sent towards the Department of State Services (DSS) to obtain Security Clearance.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the Business
  • Date of Incorporation/Registration
  • Nationality of the applicant’s business or application
  • Where the proposed transmitter will be located (Town)
  • Street Number or Street Number, Post Box or Bag
  • States and local government areas
  • Telephone Number
  • Coordinates of the transmitter location
  • Location of the Proposed Receiver
  • Name of the Officer applying and the designation

The document is needed

Any entity located in Nigeria which plans to make use of frequencies to serve any of the specified objectives, needs to be granted a license by Federal Ministry. Federal Ministry.



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