How To Apply for Ganja License In Jamaica

Apply for Ganja License In Jamaica By Online

Application In Person

  1. To apply for the permit to use Ganja (cannabis) If you want to apply for the license, you need to go to the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) who is the authority responsible for granting the license. You can check out the CLA maps of locations and contact details via this Link
  2. Get the application form at the CLA Office or you can download the form online through CLA’s website: CLA site: (Application to Licence 1.A.)you can also download the application form directly from this hyperlink: Link
  3. In addition to the form from 1A, it is recommended that you get the below documents from the CLA office, or on the internet via on the CLA website: Link
    • Additional Details for Licence Application [FORM 1BSupplemental Information for Licence Application [FORM 1B
    • Demand of Occupational licences (Group) (FORM 2AForm 2A
    • Declaration of Ownership/Change of Directors [FORM 2B[FORM 2B
    • Consent to Ownership [FORM 3](not necessary for properties held by the person applying for)
  4. Complete all forms correctly according to the directions provided to fill out the forms.
  5. Collect all required documents to support these forms (Above) as specified in the “Required documents” section below.
  6. Complete the application form together with all supporting documents into one sealed envelope and send them to CLA, Licensing and Application Division 4th floor Pan Jam Building, 60 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5.
  7. The authority will evaluate the application to ensure it is complete and inform the applicant of additional details that might be needed.
  8. The CLA will inform you of the results of the review. after a successful review, you must pay the processing fee for your application of $300 for an individual or $500 for a business or cooperative, and receive the CLA receipt of payment. It is important to note that you must not pay the fee until you have been instructed to do so by CLA to show proof of payment.
  9. After payment of the processing fee After you have paid the processing fee, the CLA will perform an examination of your application and meet with partners to ensure the accuracy of the application
  10. When you have completed the due diligence process, officials will prepare an report and provide an approval conditional on the results.
  11. Then, you will be required to enhance your site in accordance with the guidelines directed by the authority to ensure that it meets the CLA requirements.
  12. CLA CLA will conduct an inspection of your premises or site to determine if you are meeting the requirements for standards or criteria and then submit the report to the appropriate authorities for their approval or rejection.
  13. The authority is now reviewing the report submitted and then communicate their decision to you.
  14. If your application has been approved If your application is approved, you must pay the license fee as well as the security bond and receive the receipt for payment.
  15. The license will then be processed and will be issued to you.

Documents that are required

  • Complete the 1A application form
  • Additional Details for Licence Application [FORM 1B[FORM 1B]
  • Demand to apply for Occupational licences (Group) (FORM 2AForm 2A
  • Declaration of Ownership/Change of Directors [FORM 2BDeclaration of Ownership/Change in Directors [FORM 2B
  • Consent of Owner Form 3Consent of Owner [FORM 3
  • Certificate of tax compliance
  • Land Title or documents that confer permission to access or the use the property for the purpose of growing Ganja
  • Original Police Record for the Owner or all Directors and for every employee
  • A survey diagram of properties or buildings showing every distinct area with dimensions and partitions, including but not limited to entry/exits as well as loading, receival, and storage spaces. Be aware that the Diagram is not required to be drawn in scale , and it should be drawn in a single 8 1/2 11 (letter-sized) paper.
  • Original police record

For Companies, Businesses, or Cooperatives

  • Constituent Documents e.g. articles of incorporation, Partnership Agreement, etc.
  • Certificate of Registration
  • The evidence of application

for cultivators

  • Letter of agreement from potential buyer of the raw material (if there is one)
  • Photo of passport size (certified by an official Justice of the Peace)
  • Two copies of (2) government issued identification documents

Check with the CLA checklist: Link
All copies need to be certified by the justice of the peace.

Office Locations and Contacts

Cannabis Licensing Authority
4th Floor Pan Jam Building 60 ,Knutsford Boulevard,Kingston 5 Jamaica W.I
Telephone: (876) 654-7582 or (876) 596-2996
Map of location and contact information: Link
Website: link


  • Cooperatives, companies and individual residents who have been in Jamaica for 3 or more years
  • Check this link to determine whether you are able to meet the qualifications for an application: Link


  • Find out more about fees by clicking the following link: Link

Documents to Utilize

  • Applications of Licence Formula 1A: Link
  • Supplemental Information for Licence Applications [FORM 1B] Link
  • Applications to apply for Occupational Licenses (Group) (Form 2AForm 2A]: Link
  • Declaration of Ownership/Changes in Directors (Form 2B) Link
  • Consent of Owner Form 3[FORM 3 Link

Processing Time

  • Within 6 months


  • It is necessary to submit a separate application for every new license you want to apply for, as there are a variety of licenses, including License for Processors, Cultivators license Retail license, Transportation license research and Development license.

Requirements Information

  • Type of license
  • Applicant’s details
  • Addresses
  • Information about the company
  • General declaration
  • Statement of financial background
  • Signatures and dates

Documentation is needed

  • This license confirms that you are licensed to deal with Ganja in the specific category you’ve applied for in accordance with the law.

Information that could be helpful

  • Pre-license inspection criteria:Link

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