How To Apply for Granting Czech Nationality In Czech Republic

How To Apply for Granting Czech Nationality In Czech Republic

  • Visit for Regional Authority competent according to the permanent residence for the person applying.
  • Fill out an applicant’s questionnaire.
  • Participate in an interview to test your understanding about Czech language.
  • The application should be submitted together with the required documents.

Documents Required Granting Czech Nationality

  • completed questionnaire to accompany the application for citizenship to an applicant from the Czech Republic (a prescribed form that can be obtained from and completed by applicants at any authority responsible to consider the application)
  • Birth certificate (or the birth certificate or baptism);
  • Certificate that a marriage has taken place (if the couple has been married) or
  • Certificate of divorce or of death of spouses;
  • document that proves that in being granted Czech citizenship, the applicant is likely to lose his/her current nationality or that the applicant has lost the nationality of his/her current residence in the event that the applicant is a stateless individual or a recognized refugee an evidence of the loss of nationality can be acquired after that the Ministry of the Interior issues to the applicant a commitment to grant nationality to the Czech Republic;
  • extracts of the Criminal Records Register not older than six months in the event that the applicant is older than 15 years of age and
  • Curriculum Vitae.

A couple that is married may submit jointly in order to apply for Czech nationality. Parents or one parent may also include in their application for Czech nationality a child who is less than 18 years old. If the child is part of the applicant for Czech nationality, the following documents need to be submitted:

  • Birth certificate issued to the baby;
  • A document that proves that by getting Czech nationality , the child is likely to lose their current nationality or that the child lost his/her current nationality , unless of course it is an unstateless or is a recognized refugee evidence of that the loss of nationality has been acquired following that the Ministry of the Interior issues an applicant with a commitment to grant the nationality of the Czech Republic
  • When an application has been submitted by only one parent, that parent’s consent for the change in citizenship for the child will be required , unless the child’s parental responsibility is suspended or restricted or the child is legally incapable (which requires a court order even when the parents divorcing) as well as if the location of the parent who lives overseas is unknown. When both the parent and child are taken away from parental responsibility, or the performance of their parental responsibility was suspended or restricted, or if they are incapacitated or if the place of residence of the parents who live in another country is not known An application can be made by a guardian appointed by the court or child’s guardian.

Office Locations and Contacts

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Telephone: +420 974 811 111 (switchboard operator)

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How To Apply for Granting Czech Nationality In Czech Republic
How To Apply for Granting Czech Nationality In Czech Republic

What Are All The Eligibility

The Ministry of the Interior may (but is not required to) award the citizenship of the Czech Republic only to persons who satisfy the following criteria:

  • the applicant has been legally permanently living within the Czech Republic for a period that was at least five years at the time of the application and whose residency was continuous or more;
  • He/she proves that if granted citizenship in the Czech Republic they will lose their nationality, or proves that they have lost their current nationality except if the applicant is an undocumented stateless person or recognized refugee; or a document that proves the loss of nationality is available after that the Ministry of the Interior issues to the applicant a pledge to provide Czech citizenship;
  • The person has not been in the last five years sentenced to involuntary criminal offence (this can be proved through the providing an extract of the Criminal Records Register of the Czech Republic);
  • He/she can demonstrate in an interview with the authority of their choice that they are knowledgeable that they are proficient in Czech language (this is not the case for those applicants who was citizens from the Slovak Republic), and
  • the person meets all obligations that arise from the specific provisions of a legal regulation that governs residence and entry into the Czech Republic (Act No. 326/1999 Coll. concerning the Residency of Foreigners on the Czech Republic and on the Amendment to Certain Other Acts, as amended) and obligations that arise from specific regulations governing the public health insurance system, pension insurance, social security taxation, and other fees that are mandatory.


  • CZK 10 000
  • The Ministry of the Interior may in exceptional cases of interest for the state reduce the amount of the tax to the level of CZK1,000.

Processing Time

The authority responsible to accept an application will forward the request for the granting of Czech citizenship within 30 days after submission via the Alien Police to the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of the Interior, which within 90 days after receiving the application it will make its final determination. If the Certificate for Granting Nationality has been issued,, the appropriate authority has to request the applicant to swear an oath before Czech Republic within six weeks. Czech Republic within six weeks.


  • The documents issued by authorities from abroad have to be authenticated by a higher authority (a super-legalisation clause, also known as the so-called apostille) in the event that an international agreement requires that it is not required, and they must be translated officially into the Czech language, if they’re issued in a different language (as with documents issued by the authorities of in the Slovak Republic, translation into the Czech language is not required). It is possible that the Ministry of the Interior may request from the applicant additional documents regarding, for example, their professional or work-related operations (employment contracts, extracts of the Companies Register, trade licences as well as tax returns and the like) and public health insurance, meeting taxes such as social security, as well as other fees that are mandatory.
  • A minor who is under 18 can be granted Czech nationality on their own (i.e. an application with a specific form can be made) upon an application made by an official representative. This procedure is the same as the process for applications that include children who have lodged an application by their parents.
  • When an application has been deemed positively , the applicant is granted the Certificate for Granting Nationality (if applicants can prove that they have met the requirement for proof that the applicant has lost their nationality or that the condition is removed) or the applicant is promised that Czech nationality will be granted, with the sole purpose of obtaining an official document that proves that an individual has forfeited their nationality. It is usually presented as a ruling to suspend the procedure. The nationality from Czech Republic is acquired on the day of swearing an oath. Czech Republic is granted at the time of swearing an oath in Czech Republic. Czech Republic (unless otherwise, in exceptional circumstances the oath is not taken in these instances. Czech nationality is obtained at the time the decision to waive the oath takes effect). The applicants will receive their certificates of Granting Nationality from the Czech Republic.
  • Minors younger than 18 years of age cannot swear an swearing oath. Children who are that is included in the application of their parents will gain Czech nationality at the time when at the very least one of the parents obtains the nationality. If a child has been granted Czech nationality without the consent of its parents, it will take effect from the date the day a statutory representative is granted the Certificate of Granting Czech Nationality.

A oath must be taken before the Secretary of a municipality body or one with a broad scope of jurisdiction (in the capital city , Prague at the seat of the city’s secretary for the borough in question as well as the municipalities of Brno, Ostrava and Plze? in the presence that of the Secretary of the City authorities of the respective municipalities) that is competent in accordance with the location of residence. The oath in foreign countries must be taken before the head of an embassy, or consulate in within the Czech Republic.

Documentation is needed

There is a possibility for foreigners who reside permanently in the Czech Republic to apply for the granting the Czech nationality. A request for the granting of Czech nationality could be submitted by permanent stateless residents within the Czech Republic.

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