How to Apply for Hawkers and Peddlers License in Jamaica

 Apply for Hawkers and Peddlers License in Jamaica By yourshef

  1. To get an Hawker’s or Peddler’s license you must submit applications to Tax Admiration Jamaica (TAJ) office located in your locality. Get TAJ’s contact information via the following link Contacts of TAJ .

  1. Get the application form at the TAJ office, and then fill out the form according to.
  2. Make sure you have all the necessary documents required for your application and include them on the application form.
  3. Go to the office of the TAJ in your parish. Pay the application fee through the cashier’s counter and collect the receipt for payment.
  4. Completely submit the application complete application to your TAJ agent at the TAJ service desk, along with the receipt for payment.
  5. The official will review the application and send it to the appropriate department for review.
  6. Then , your details for application will be entered into the database of TAJ’s online services. Then the license will be issued and processed to you.
  • You may apply for a class A license or a class B license.

Documents Required Apply for Hawkers

  • Identification documents.
  • Tax certificate.
  • Receipt for payment.
  • Application to be filled in.

Office Locations and Contacts

Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ)
Address PCJ Bldg. 36 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 5
Phone: 922-5905
TAJ’s contacts
– – All TAJ contact numbers for office

What are all the Eligibility

  • Anyone involved in hawking or peddling are eligible for.


  • Hawkers and Peddlers License A $2.00.
  • Hawkers and Peddlers License B $10.0.


  • This license lasts for one (1) year, and is valid for renewal.


  • You shouldn’t engage in any peddling or hawking activity without an appropriate license.
  • The license is valid only by the parish that issued it.

Requirements Information

  • Name.
  • The tax number is.
  • Address.
  • Contact details.
  • Parish.

The Document is required

  • The license confirms that you are allowed to market in your respective parish.

Information that can be useful

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Healthcare Incentives

How To Apply

  1. The application for Healthcare Incentives via the Ministry of Health and Wellness Standards and Regulations Division of the Ministry of Health & Wellness. You can find their contact information by clicking on the Link button
  2. Begin by getting your plans and sketches for your health facility approved from The Public Health Department of each Municipal Corporation (MC).
  3. After your application has been accepted, submit a request or intention letter to Registrar of the Ministry of Health and Wellness. The Registrar will request your intention to receive the title of a health center as part of the healthcare incentive program.
  4. Once your letter of intent and all supporting information/documents have been completed, signed, stamped, and certified where required, you will need to visit the office of the MOHW to make your submission and pay the relevant fees. The fee will be determined based on the amount of patients your establishment can accommodate.
  5. Once you have submitted the application MOHW is going to review the application and verify that it is in compliance with the criteria. Then , they’ll make a formal Report of the application and forward it to the registration committee of MOHW for further review.
  6. The recommendations from the Registration Committee will be delivered directly to CMO committee CMO committee, the chief medical officer to be approved by the chief medical officer.
  7. When the CMO accepts your application, MOHW will forward it to the appropriate government agencies.
    • Incentives Unit of Jamaica Customs Agency
    • Legal Support Division Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ).
  8. The agencies will review your application and send an evaluation to the minister. Once you have received feedback from these agencies the ministry will inform you via the appropriate method of communication about the final decision on your application.
  9. JCA will accept the application and input your information into JCA’s Automated System for Customs Data platform (ASYCUDA).
  10. You will be informed through MOHW. MOHW of the Healthcare Facility Status has been accepted. To get the Healthcare Facility Status Certificate, that will be displayed in public it is necessary to go to their office.
  11. Additionally, you will be eligible to receive incentives that are related to the health industry.

Documents Required For Healthcare Incentives

  • Let us know about your intentions
  • HTML0 Drawings and plans that have been approved of the healthcare facility you are in
  • Receipt of payment

Search Office Locations and Phone Numbers

Ministry of Health and Wellness
Standards and Regulations Division
10-16 Grenada Way
Kingston 5
Jamaica, W.I.
Telephone: 1 (876) 633-7433/633-8172
Monday – Thursday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Friday: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Contact details: Link

Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA)-Head Office
Address: Myers Wharf Newport East, Kingston 15.
Tel. 876 922 5140-8, 922 8770-3
Public Relations Unit (General Customer Service).
Tel: 876 948-7849Toll Free:1 888 287 8667
Information Management Unit (IMU), IT Helpdesk
Tel. 876 750 3330 , 776 750 3370, or 750 347
Tariff Unit + T. 876 967 3495

What is the Eligibility

  • To be qualified to participate in to be eligible for the productive Inputs Relief scheme (PIR) You must first be registered as an Healthcare establishment with the regulatory Ministry MOHW. Only companies that have been accepted by MOHW will be eligible to benefit from the PIR scheme.


  • Fee for patients with less than 25 will be JMD5000
  • Charge for patients who have 25 and more JMD10000


  • This incentive will be great for the duration of the health center

Processing Time

  • In 20 days your application is processed


  • The PIR doesn’t cover the additional stamp duty or import taxes. The other charges for port are paid by businesses operating working in the field of healthcare.
  • For more information on items being used in the Healthcare industry, seek out an authorized Customs broker.

Requirements Information

  • Owners details
  • Information about facilities
  • Address details
  • The capacity of this facility
  • Sign and declare

You’ll require to download the file

  • To be eligible for healthcare incentives your status as a health facility has to be approved by the health ministry.

External Links

  • Government of Jamaica: link



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