How To Apply for Herbal Wholesaler License In China

How To Apply for Herbal Wholesaler License In China

Following receipt of an application after receiving an application, following receipt of the application Department of Health will send officers to visit the premises of the applicant’s business and then prepare the report for review by the Chinese Medicines Board. When the request is accepted by the Board the applicant is required to pay the fee prescribed. After receiving the appropriate fee and the Department of Health will send the license to the applicant via mail. If an application is denied applicants will be informed in writing and may then request a review or appeal against the decision. The period of the licence will be stated on the licence and should not exceed more than 2 years.

Documents that are required Herbal Wholesaler License

  • Copy of the Business Registration Certificate
  • For limited company,
    • A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and
    • Director’s Copy’ List, like Form AR1 from the Companies Registry or a full set of Form D1 (in the case of a newly-established LLC) ; OR

In the case of sole proprietorships, a copy of form 1(a) of the Business Registration Office; OR

To form a partnership, you must have a duplicate of the Form 1(c) of the Business Registration Office

  • Name list of sole proprietor/partners/director(s) and key personnel (including full names in both Chinese and English, Hong Kong Identity Card numbers / Passport numbers and posts. If directors being corporate please include the name and Company number of the corporation.)
  • A brief floor plan of the business premises
  • Documentary proofs of regards to possible transactions with Chinese herbal medicine by Wholesalers who sell Chinese herbal remedies (e.g. quotes from suppliers or purchase documents by buyers).

Office Locations and Contacts

The National Health and Family Planning Committee of P.R.ChinaAddress No. 1. Xizhimen Outer South Road, Xicheng District, Beijing
Postal code Code postal: 100044
Telephone: 010-68792114

What Are All The Eligibility

Anyone who wants to wholesale Chinese herbal remedies must first get a wholesaler’s license for Chinese herbal remedies.

Documents to Utilize

Application Form for Wholesaler license for Chinese Herbal Medicines (Form 1B)

How To Apply for Herbal Wholesaler License In China
How To Apply for Herbal Wholesaler License In China


The applicants must present in person or by registered mail the filled Application Formula to apply for Wholesaler license on Chinese Herbal Medicines (Form 1B) together with the documentation Checklist Application for Wholesaler license with regard to Chinese Herbal Medicines (Checklist 2B) with the necessary documents that are listed in the form.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the Company
  • The name of the company that is used to identify the location of business
  • Address of the business premises
  • The Business Registration number.
  • Business TEL.
  • Email Address (if there is one)
  • Corporate Fax Number.
  • Declaration
  • The signature of the person who is in charge of the business

The Document is required Herbal Wholesaler License

Wholesale distribution of Chinese herbal remedies” refers to the acquisition or importing the Chinese herbal medicine for a manufacturer or someone who purchases such medicine with the intention of selling it again, or providing or causing to supply the medicine to a third-party during the course of an activity or business conducted by the individual.

Information that can be useful

The application forms as well as Handbook of the Application for Chinese Medicines Trader Licences. Handbook of the Application for Chinese Medicines Trader Licenses can be found at:

  • Chinese Medicine Division, Department of Health
  • District offices in all within the Home Affairs Department (Enquiry no. :2835-2500)

The documents mentioned above are available for download from this site. The necessary applications forms are available by faxing them to the automated inquiry hotline of the Chinese Medicine Division of the Department of Health (tel. : 2574-9999)

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