How To Apply for Home Return Permit / Travel Document In China

How To Apply for Home Return Permit / Travel Document In China

  • The Mainland traveling Permit to Hong Kong and Macao Residents commonly referred to”Home return Permit also known as a Home Visit Permit is granted to Chinese citizens with permanent residence or have settled to Hong Kong and Macau as the travel document for Mainland China. This permit was issued by the Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration of the Ministry of Public Security through China Travel Service sub-branches in Hong Kong and Macau and permits holders to travel without restriction in Mainland China.
  • The China Travel Service (CTS) is the only authorized agency through the Public Security Bureau (PSB) for providing services to applicants to submit applications to Hong Kong and Macau. However CTS is not the only agency authorized by the PSB. PSB of Guangdong processes all applications and issues permits for the Ministry of Public Security.

    Application In Person By Yourself:

  • If you are applying for the first time be sure to possess an identity card to prove your nationality. This could be an authentic Hong Kong or Macau SAR passport or ID card.
  • Schedule an appointment with china travel service. This is done by contacting the CTS offices in your country that you are located in or by visiting the web site. Appointment
    How To Apply for Home Return Permit / Travel Document In China
    How To Apply for Home Return Permit / Travel Document In China


  • Attend the appointment you’ve scheduled and complete the appropriate forms along with the required documents.
  • Pay the fee that is appropriate to the length you wish to use it for( five year cards costs $260HK, while the 10 year card is $390HK)
  • It can take several weeks to process and be ready to be collected.

Documents that are required Home Return Permit / Travel Document

  • Identification card
  • Hong Kong or Macao SAR passport

Office Locations and Contacts

Chinese Missions Overseas
China National Tourism Administration
Add: 9A jianguomennei Ave., Beijing 100740, China
Tel: (0086-10) 65201114
Fax: (0086-10) 65137871
Overseas Branch Information for : HK & Macau Office details

What Are All The Eligibility

A Home Return Permit in accordance with the guidelines from the China Travel Service which serves as an authorized agent and the applicant’s agent for Hong Kong and Macau, is issued to:

  • Permanent residents from Hong Kong or Macau possessing Chinese Nationality by birth or naturalization in one of these regions.
  • Residents of mainland China who have been granted permission by the mainland authorities to move in Hong Kong or Macau and have already obtained the residency of one of these areas (also called single-way permit holders)
  • The permanent residents are from Hong Kong and Macau born in a place or country different from Hong Kong or Macau and have Chinese nationality through birth descent, naturalization or descent.


Five year cards are $260HK, and 10 year card is $390HK.


The majority of adult permits are valid for ten years , while minors younger than 18 have permits that are valid for five years.

Documents to Utilize

Home Return Permit Application Formula

Examples of Documents

Sample Home Return Permit

Processing Time

2 weeks


The term “home” is used to describe this permit because it was previously given to Chinese immigrants living in Hong Kong and Macau for visiting their home towns within mainland China. Nowadays, the majority of people who have this permit were born and raised within Hong Kong and Macau; the permit serves the purpose of a travel permit for traveling to mainland China instead of one that permits the holder to return to home’.

The Information You Need

  • Name
  • The place of birth
  • Birth date
  • Home address
  • Sex
  • Occupation
  • Motives to apply
  • Phone
  • ID Number

The Document is required Home Return Permit / Travel Document

The holders who have The Home Return Permit are allowed to enter freely Mainland China for all purposes in the period of duration of the permit regardless of whether their point of departure can be Hong Kong, Macau, or an overseas destination.

Information that could be helpful

  • Holders who had to cancel their Home Return Permits in Mainland are able to apply for temporary replacements through the CTS branch in Huanggang. However, they will require an additional Home Return Permit upon returning back to Hong Kong or Macau with the CTS.
  • Hong Kong and Macau Chinese Nationals from other countries, who do already have an Home Return Permit, may apply for a visa at the regional Chinese foreign mission to obtain an identity card-like Chinese Travel Document for travel to Mainland China.

Other uses for the document/certificate

This document could be used to establish identification documents.

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