How to Apply for Hotel License In Belize

Apply for Hotel License In Belize By Online

  1. For a request for hotel license applicants need to submit their applications at the Office of the Registrar of Hotels & Tourist Accommodation.
  2. The application form is listed under the “Documents to Use’ section. Fill out the form and download.
  3. Send the completed application along with any other necessary documents (see the list below).
  4. You must pay for the $25.00 non-refundable application cost and an application cost that is $5.00 per bedroom.

Required Documents For Apply for Hotel License

  • Application form completed
  • Ownership of the land Certificate Conveyance or any other
  • Corporate Name Certificates of Registration
  • Central Building Authority CBA Occupancy Certification
  • DOE Department of Environment Department of Environment – Environmental Compliance Plan
  • Fire Department No Objection Report
  • Public Health Standards Inspection
  • Food Establishment Certificate (if the property is home to the restaurant) (At when the construction begins)
  • Food Handlers Certification (if the property houses restaurants) (At when construction begins)
  • Trade License Certificate Town Board
  • Liquor license (if the establishment is selling alcohol)
  • Public Liability Insurance Protection
  • Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Social Security Board Registration Record (at the time of construction)
  • Passport Owners Passport Specifics
  • Working Permits or Residence Permits for foreigners
  • Original letter of appointment and Authorization to the Manager
  • The Management Entity Rental Agreement (if needed)
  • Declaration of Service Charge Scheme
  • A few images of the general facilities
  • (If applicant is a corporation) Certificate of incorporation Memorandum and Articles of Association and the Annual Allotment of Returns/Shares
  • Ministry of Economic Development (Gaming License for Casinos in the event that the property is Casino)

Office Locations and Contacts

Belize Tourism Board

P.O. Box 325
No.64 Regent Street
Belize City, Belize




Toll Free:

The Office of the Registrar for Hotels and Tourism Accommodation


A $25.00 fee for application that is non-refundable and the fee for a license of $5.00 per room or unit you own must be submitted with your application.

Documents to Utilize


How to Apply for Hotel License In Belize
How to Apply for Hotel License In Belize

Other uses for the document/certificate

The licensing of accommodations ensures that the hotel is operating in accordance with Belize’s Laws of Belize.

The hotel must be in compliance with the standards of quality for tourism and satisfy the standards that are set out by the Hotels And Tourist Accommodation Act, Chapter 285 of the Laws of Belize Revised Edition 2011 as well as the Hotels And Tourist Accommodation Act, Chapter 285S Of The Laws Of Belize Revised Edition 2003.

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