How To Apply for Hunting Permit / License In China

How To Apply for Hunting Permit / License In China

Hunting, fishing, or killing of wildlife that is under special state protection are forbidden. If the fishing or catching of animals under first-class protection by the state is required for research purposes breeding, domestication and exhibition , or any other purpose The unit in question is required to apply for a license from the wildlife department administration within the State Council for a special fishing and hunting license and, if hunting or catching of wildlife that is under second class protection of the state is planned, the organization affected must contact the appropriate department of wildlife administration within the administration of a province or autonomous region, or an individual municipality directly under the supervision of the Central Government for a special license for hunting and catching.

Documents Required Hunting Permit / License

  • National Identity card
  • No criminal record

Office Locations and Contacts

State Forestry AdministrationNo.18 Hepingli East Street, Beijing, China (100714)
Jing ICP Bei No. 10047111
Tel: +86-10-62889267

What Are All The Eligibility

Anyone who is involved in hunting or catching of wildlife must follow the rules in the specific hunting and catching licence or hunting license in relation to the species, amount as well as the area and time limitation.


The pursuit or capture of wildlife with the use of weapons used in military operations or explosives, poisons, or other substances shall be banned. Control measures for the sale, production and the use of hunting rifles and bullets are to be determined in the department responsible for forest administration, which is under the direction of the State Council jointly with the department of public security, and are effective when they are accepted by the State Council.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the person who is applying
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Specific prescriptions in his hunting and catching permit or hunting permit in relation specific species the quantity or area, as well as the time limits.

Documentation is needed

Anyone who plans to hunt or capture wildlife that isn’t under state protection must get a hunting license and adhere to the hunting quotas set. Anyone planning to hunt using a firearm requires a permit to carry through the security agency of the municipality or county in question.

Information that can be useful

If someone, in contravention of the requirements of this Law hunts or captures wildlife in violation of a hunting license or is in violation of the rules of the license to hunt, the catch and illegal income will be confiscated and the hunter will be penalized to the Wildlife Department management and additionally the hunting equipment may be taken away and his hunting license was revoked. If someone, in violation of the rules of this Law hunts wildlife using an unlicensed hunting rifle, he will be punished. license for the rifle they will be punished by a security agency of the public using the rules of the Regulations regarding Administrative Penalties in Public Security.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • Individual hunters who hunt in hunting areas and herdsmen who live in pastoral areas can apply to county-level security agencies in the area to obtain permission to carry rifles for hunting. In order to do this they need to present their hunting permits, where they are required, as well as identification cards.
  • This law was created for the purpose of safeguarding and preserving species of wildlife that are scarce or in danger of extinction safeguarding, developing and rationally utilizing resources of wildlife and ensuring ecological balance.

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How To Apply for Hunting Permit / License In China
How To Apply for Hunting Permit / License In China

State Forestry Administration

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If someone creates, sells, or resells or transfers a license for hunting and catching, an hunting license, a domestication and breeding permit or an export or import permit, the license or permit will be removed and the illegal income will be confiscated. the person who is stealing it could receive a penalty from the applicable department of wildlife administration or by the administration responsible for commerce and industry. If someone forges or sells or resells an exclusive hunting and catching license , or an export or import permit and if the circumstances are severe enough to be considered criminal conduct, the person will be prosecuted for criminal liability using the rules in Article 167 of the Criminal Law.



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